Ballot propositions 1 and 2

One of the advantages to getting my ballot by mail is that I got to look at the propositions and think about them before I voted for or against.

There are seven proposition on this ballot.

  1. Right to a 21st century public education:  Should everyone in Texas have the right to quality public education from pre-k to 12th grade, and affordable college and career training without the burden of crushing student loan debt?
  2. Student loan debt:  Should everyone in Texas have the right to refinance student loan debt with the federal reserve at a 0% interest rate, as relief for the crushing burden of debt and an investment in the next generation of Americans?

Like most things with politics these days  these questions are couched in absolutes.

For example you might agree that our children should have a right to a quality public education from pre-k to 12th grade (I believe they do today, now that I think about it).  You might even believe that they should get college and career training without having to take on student loans.

Then again you might not believe that “everyone in Texas” should get these things.  Examples might include retired people or citizens of other states and countries  that come to Texas just for the free education.

Proposition 2 does not make sense to me.  Texans cannot tell the federal reserve what to do.  Texans could set up a taxpayer supported student loan system offers an interest rate of 0% however.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Ballot propositions 1 and 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    How about: Should universities be allowed to continue to irresponsibly inflate their cost structures beyond the point where they can deliver a degree at a reasonable price?


    • abandon hope says:

      Totally agree! A college professor told me that his school always increases tuition when more student loan money becomes available. In other words, it is a never-ending cycle. More loans available, tuition increases, more loans, etc. Student loans should be given based on the student’s probability of acquiring a practical education and becoming gainfully employed after graduation.


    • JerryK says:

      I would like to know why public higher education has so inflated in recent years. Back in the 70s, you could go to the University of Wisconsin (still a great school) for about $250 a semester. Try that today! Where did an affordable education go?


  2. Jud Burgess says:

    Students should have a right to quality public education here in Texas. Unfortunately, Texas was raked #43 last year and I would imagine the trend is falling.
    When Dee Margo was a state lawmaker in 2011, he and the Texas legislature defunded public education by over 1 billion that year and the trend has continued instead of trying to get back to the original support levels. To the tune of several billion.
    They had a rainy day fund they could have used to prevent this but they chose to defund.
    So here we are.


  3. abandon hope says:

    Propositions on a primary ballot are merely political party rhetoric and nothing more. Like if a Miss America finalists were asked to name the one thing she would like changed in the world. “Well after world peace and ending cancer, I would like for all students to have a free higher education.”


  4. Old Fart says:

    I’m going to vote ‘no’ on a lot of those bull shit propositions. Where has individual responsibility gone? Guess some people really believe the sole job of government at levels, is to ‘pamper’ and ‘take care’ of us from cradle to grave?

    One thing legislators could do to force ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ in public universities, is to force those public supported institutions to yearly publish the total dollar amount of resources in their ‘endowment accounts.’ How much money does each of these individual educational institutions actually have?

    Once you graduate and become ‘an alumni’ of one of these colleges or universities all they want are alumni contributions. So please let students, their parents, alumni, plus the public know actually how much money is stashed away in these ‘endowment accounts?’

    One thing that really puzzles me, is why do our state supported colleges’ and universities, need to recruit all these students from foreign countries and especially for their sports teams? Your thoughts please?


  5. Judy Maddox says:

    As we know the propositions on the primary ballot are just that they are non binding . Should the Dims take the state they can take the proposition into an amendment

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  6. The only person with a brain says:

    Dear Idiots:
    Where are the current propositions??? It is already early voting season and you have NOTHING! The first proposition deals with the property tax system. Once again you have nothing!!! Thanks for Nothing.



    Ballot propositions 1 and 2 | elpasospeak


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