Ballot propositions 3 and 4

Proposition 3.  Right to healthcare:  Should everyone in Texas have a right to healthcare, guaranteed by a universal quality medicare-for-all system?

Once again Texas voters might decide to create a statewide health payment system.  Voters in Texas cannot make medicare do anything since medicare is a federal program.

Proposition 4.  Right to economic security:  Should everyone in Texas have the right to economic security, where all workers have earned paid family and sick leave and a living wage that respects their hard work?

This proposition seems to be within the purview of the Texas voters.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Ballot propositions 3 and 4

  1. embarassed? says:

    sure, i will quit my job tomorrow if they guarantee me an income, plus i can quit exercising and eat whatever i want if i don’t have to pay my own medical bills. now there won’t be any reason not to have lots of kids with lots of girls.


  2. abandon hope says:

    It’s not within the purview of the government.


  3. Retired boomer says:

    One deserves that for which one works and earns. If one’s salary is not adequate, one has the right to seek training or education to increase the opportunities for higher compensation. Stay in school, further education, don’t start a family until able to invest the time and money. Don’t expect the government, that is, the tax payer to make one’s bed.

    And yes, that is what hubby and I did. Worked very hard, while in school and beyond, as did many others now paying the bills for those who are whining.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Parties make the decision to post these propositions. This is an indication of the mindset of the candidates that affiliate as Dems and the promises they are willing to make to get votes—promises that are paid for with the dollars of hardworking taxpayers. If you work hard and value the money you earn, the question you should be asking is whether it makes sense to vote for someone making these promises.

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  5. Old Fart says:

    These ‘nutty’ Democratic ballot propositions remind me of the ‘chorus’ of an old Merle Haggard song:

    “Eating rainbow stew with a silver spoon
    Underneath that sky of blue
    We’ll all be drinking that free bubble up
    And eating that rainbow stew.”


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