EPISD–taking sides

The EPISD board member that now tells us she is the campaign treasurer for our former county judge’s congressional campaign might be set to take a fall from grace.

The people at the district that are aligned with her might be in for trouble also.

The board member in question was recently a city representative.  After she joined the EPISD board the district ended up hiring the former chief financial officer, the former city engineer, and the former deputy directory of planning from the city of El Paso.

During a recent school board meeting she publicly requested the superintendent’s resignation.

Her opponents are the superintendent and apparently the rest of the board.

The superintendent would be a fool to knowingly have disloyal people on his staff.

We deserve better


14 Responses to EPISD–taking sides

  1. Anonymous says:

    He isn’t a fool, that’s for sure. He hired what he thought, and probably Dee Margo thought, would be the best folks to squeeze more money out of taxpayers and government. There is a danger in hiring folks that are not lifetime educators, however the benefit is they won’t do things over and over the same way expecting a change. It is about time the true finances of the district are revealed and better utilized than on multi million dollar software programs that promise nirvahna but deliver nothing.


  2. sick of susie byrd says:

    Susie Byrd is Escobar’s campaign manager.

    EPISD has a contract with the superintendent with a provision that all personnel matters are to be discussed in closed executive session.

    Susie Byrd breached that contract when she publically requested his voluntary written resignation or be fired.

    Susie Byrd should be removed from the Board.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Susie Byrd was responding to an audit that was made public along with what the Superintendent did wrong which was to cook a million dollar bid for a friend. With this information being made public Susie had the right to ask for the Superintendent’s resignation as she knew none of the other board members would.
      Thank you Susie for looking out after the taxpayer rather than the administration.


      • anonymous says:

        I’m still wondering what Cabrera did that Byrd considered “immoral.” A contract matter would be an ethical issue. But immoral?

        I’m sick and tired of all these people at the city and county hiding, using the excuse that things are personnel matters. It’s important to note that Cabrera has a clause in his contract that says the board cannot publicly discuss his performance. If someone at that level making that much money isn’t performing or has violated a law or the terms of their contract, we deserve to know.


        • Helen Marshall says:

          Anonymous, you got that right…remember when Joyce Wilson put a deputy city manager on paid leave for 11 months, enabling her to get to enough time to draw a pension from the taxpayers for life, and refused to explain her action on the grounds that it was a “personnel matter?” (I’ll remember the name once my “senior moment” has passed.)


  3. anonymous says:

    It sounds like you are implying that the board is part of the superintendent’s “staff.” I hope I am wrong.


  4. Arnold says:

    Loyalty?! Sounds very Republican to me. As for hiring from the city, Dori was board president, and it was a board vote.


  5. Al says:

    Cabrera and his supporters on the board are crooked. Very obviously. Byrd calling him on his shit is getting her accused of something that’s legal.


  6. not a fan says:

    Suzie Byrd was a terrible council member prone to breaking down in tears when she didn’t get her way. As long as Beto was there, she had a path to follow. After that, she fell apart. She needs guidance and she finds that in Escobar. She ran for the school board because she wanted to stay relevant. Escobar helped her out by getting her a job with the Children’s Hospital after she was off Council. But Suzie was not suited for real employment. She is not an independent thinker. She is not ethical and puts her own interests above that of EPISD. She is far from a good school board member.


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