Naturalization test (writing)

The writing portion of the naturalization test requires the applicant to successfully write one of three sentences.

Those sentences may contain these words:

To sufficiently demonstrate the ability to write in English, the applicant must write one sentence out of three sentences in a manner that the officer understands. The officer dictates the sentence to the applicant using standardized writing test forms. An applicant must not abbreviate any of the words. Once the applicant writes one of the three sentences in a manner that the officer understands, the officer stops the writing test.

An applicant does not fail the writing test because of spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors, unless the errors interfere with the meaning of the sentence and the officer is unable to understand the sentence.

Passing the Writing Test

The applicant passes the writing test if the applicant is able to convey the meaning of one of the three sentences to the officer. The applicant’s writing sample may have the following:

•Some grammatical, spelling, or capitalization errors;

•Omitted short words that do not interfere with meaning; or

•Numbers spelled out or written as digits.

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One Response to Naturalization test (writing)

  1. abandon hope says:

    With my limited expertise in Spanish, I could easily do this in Spanish if the tables were turned. Sure seems likes someone who has lived here for several years has to try NOT to learn English.


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