Unnecessary hospital building

One of the arguments against the construction of a special building costing $120 million for the children’s hospital has not appeared in our local blogs as far as I can tell.

There is little special advantage that rooms in the children’s hospital offer compared to rooms in a regular hospital.  The real contribution the children’s hospital brings is the addition of physicians and other staff that specialize in the treatment of pediatric problems.

If the voters decided that they had need for better medical treatment of children, doctors and staff could have been hired and could have operated out of the existing hospital.  Yes, they might have had to add special treatment rooms and more beds, but we did not need a whole new hospital.

We deserve better



12 Responses to Unnecessary hospital building

  1. JerryK says:

    You obviously missed the Shaplite memo that said, “It’s for the children!”


  2. Nikkie says:

    Look at the number of children/families served and how far they come from. Not sure ANY hospital in El Paso has that much dedicated space or they would have made it available decades ago…


    • Burnt out taxpayer says:

      Where do the children come from? I would like to see that information. Any town farther than Deming to the west — those children would go to Tucson. Any town further than Van Horn to the east — those children would go to San Antonio, Dallas or Lubbock. And to the north — Albuquerque. All of those towns have more specialists than El Paso. I imagine we get lots of children from Juarez but they rarely can pay for the cost of the care. I am proud to say that I voted against the hospital but obviously I was in the minority. I am still upset for the way it was “sold” to the public…It won’t raise your taxes, it will be self supporting, we’ll be able to attract specialists. My friend with a chronically ill child still has to go to Dallas because the number of specialists the hospital attracted is very limited.


  3. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Actually, Providence put in a dedicated children’s wing at the same and I believe it is profitable because it is scaled to fit our community’s typical requirements. I think the reason they originally structured the Children’s Hospital that way was to take advantage of reimbursement benefits for standalone children’s facilities….that went away with ACA’s changes to reimbursement structures. The real question we should ask is whether the taxpayers of this city should be paying for a structure large enough to serve the region instead of one “right-sized” for our needs?


  4. anonymous says:

    CH was conceived and structured so that UMC could bleed it to cover up UMC’s own problems. That scheme failed when government reimbursements changed.


  5. Arnold says:

    So we really need streetcars!?


  6. Old Fart says:

    It’s really interesting how one congressional candidate is spinning the Children’s Hospital. There is ‘no transparency’ to the public and local taxpayers. If the public had really known just how closed Children’s would be, constantly hiding behind its ‘nonprofit status,’ wonder if voters would have voted ‘yes’ to approve constructing that building?

    It’s equally strange how this city’s major newspaper fails to investigate and report on that hospital, but always feels free to go after the city. The only people that made out on the downtown ballpark and new city hall building deal was that one paper. We took a real shitting on that deal.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      The entire “progressive” power structure of this city is backing this candidate, and two days from now she will almost certainly be the incoming 16th congressional representative, given the improbability of a Republican win. Most opposition commentary has focused on allegations that she raised her salary while raising taxes, or pointed to her spouse’s record of prosecuting and deporting immigrants – but as Old Fart says, virtually no reporting/commentary on the clear example of a politically-motivated campaign to build the Children’s Hospital, which she now points to as evidence of her caring and competence. Get ready for more of this caring and competence on the national scene.


  7. no more Escobar backdoor dealing says:

    Voters should be outraged at Escobar’s continual suggestion that other candidates circumvent the formal process and policies in place and “meet” privately with the CEOs. Escobar’s typical MO for dodging accountability.

    As Chairman of the EPCH Board Ted Houghton knows better than to make such a ludicrous suggestion. But then again he is one of Escobar’s campaign donors.

    Brutus already wrote about how the EPCH Dec. financial report was skipped.


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