You said we could build it

There is no limit to the amount of assessment they can actually make against your property if a property improvement district is approved.

From Texas local government code:

Sec. 372.019.  SUPPLEMENTAL ASSESSMENTS.  After notice and a hearing, the governing body of the municipality or county may make supplemental assessments to correct omissions or mistakes in the assessment relating to the total cost of the improvement.

So if the petition asks for too small an amount they don’t need your permission to spend more money.

We deserve better


10 Responses to You said we could build it

  1. Anonymous says:

    One of the news programs was talking about major roadway improvements to the hospital district and Kern Place last night using the good for economic development and quality of life mantra—pretty little signs, decorative streetlights, roadwork, etc. Guess we have our first PID possibility.


    • elrichiboy says:

      The first PID is out there on the east side, where the City is building that Eastside Sports Complex. From KVIA:

      The cost of the park will be around $21 million.

      $10 million from the 2012 quality of life bonds will help pay for the park but the city approved two funding methods to pay for the rest.

      The city created a public improvement district or PID.

      People who will live in the neighborhood that is currently undeveloped and adjacent to the park will pay about $200 a year for 15 years and they will have free access to the park.

      The city also created a tax increment reinvestment zone or TIRZ. A portion of the taxes people pay in the designated area will stay in the neighborhood but there’s a catch: People under the TIRZ, and anyone else that wants to use the park, will have to pay an entrance fee.

      So there you have it.


      • lol @ EP says:

        $200 per year for 15 years = $3000 per household. They have a different version of free than is commonly understood. Also, once they get to charging a usage fee there will be fees associated with charging fees, aka toll roads, so the park literally will never get paid for and will always be a net negative.


        • Anonymous says:

          NOTHING that the POLITICIANS in El Taxo shaft the home owners, taxpayers with ever gets “Paid off, paid for”. The little baseball field that John Cook, Wilson, Noe, Niland, Ortega, Lily, Byrd, FORCED the people to to BUY for Foster, Mountain Star Sports and then LIED, DECEIVED the people about how it would be paid for, just one example of what THEY do to US. Will just continue to be one tax INCREASE after another and NEVER be paid. And now John Cook was elected by SOME people to replace Escobar as County Judge? Bend over El Pasoans, the LIES, DECEPTION just got new life.


          • Anonymous says:

            There is a runoff on Cook’s office. He isn’t yet. And it was reported he is $10k in the hole already I’m funding and his opponent is cash positive, so there is hope.


      • Tickedofftaxpayer says:

        People that live in the neighborhood that is adjacent to the park and currently undeveloped will pay for the PID. So, in essence, people that had no vote in the creation of the PID will pay the bill. I’ve got to wonder if the developers in that area will explain the added tax liability to the folks they sell houses to.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The Socialist-Democrat RULERS of El Taxo. What are they going to “Improve”? THEY can’t, won’t even fix the streets or clean up trash.

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  3. lol @ EP says:

    PID’s are the future of municipal spending, as many municipalities have squandered tax dollars collected in the “regular” way on unnecessary spending projects. Cities that are increasingly more in debt will use PID’s and other “creative” means to raise money to pay for things that taxpayers think they are already paying for. Need your street fixed? Wait until they create a “system” for those repairs. I hope taxpayers aren’t silly enough to think that what they are paying in taxes now will be used for much more than debt service in the coming years. Once El Paso is at 80-90% of general funds going to debt service they will obviously file bankruptcy. Until then they will be “creative”.

    We need to hurry and get people like John Cook elected to government office so the County budgets can continue down the debt road started by Escobar. Nothing like amassing debt for the taxpayers. Low wages and high debt are a great combination. Politicians should be rewarded for these kind of results by electing them to higher offices.


    • Tickedofftaxpayer says:

      Oh yeah, elect Mr Transparent. Part of the cabal that gave us a ballpark.


    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. People electing John Cook to replace Escobar has to be just a big cruel joke, a big MISTAKE. It can only get worse. Cook was worthless as the North East Rep and did no better as Mayor. He does NOT REPRESENT the people. He and HIS City Council LIED, DENIED, DECEIVED El Pasoans about the baseball field THEY forced TAXPAYERS to buy for Mountain Star Sports and LIED about WHO, HOW it would be paid for. El Pasoans, TAXPAYERS will never see a dime of PROFIT from their ball field. The City, County is a BILLION$$$, or more in debt and no way to pay it.


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