Sign up with the IRS

I unfortunately had reason to try to sign on to the internal revenue site the other day.

This is what they suggested the experience would be like:

I chuckled when I read that they think fast is 15 minutes.

Two hours later I still was not able to get it done.

We deserve better


2 Responses to Sign up with the IRS

  1. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    You think that is bad, EP CAD is worse.


  2. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    And now that I’ve finally figured out how to log into EPCAD to view the appraisal of my personal property rendition (done for a home based business), I see they are insisting on holding on to my previous year’s valuation because apparently computer and office equipment “appreciates” in their world. Five years ago I got fed up with that game and appealed and won. My valuation that time was lowered about $2K when depreciation was done based on their model. This time it is only a $300 difference year-over-year so I’ll let it slide, but it is further evidence that CAD colludes with our local tax and spenders to artificially inflate property values wherever they can get away with it.. Interestingly enough, they’ve taken my numbers with no argument, from the appeal to this year. I’ll let it slide for a couple more years and then go in and embarrass them again in front of their arbitration panel. It gets real interesting when you walk in a with a spreadsheet that has accurate pricing, date of purchase and CAD’s depreciation formulas.


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