How to educate our mayor

The Texas comptroller has this graphic on his web site:

The site explains:

Texas county sales taxes were first authorized in 1987, when most city and transit sales taxes were already in place — and many were already at the 2 percent cap. For this reason, most county sales taxes are applied outside metropolitan areas, with the notable exception of El Paso County. At present, 123 Texas counties levy sales taxes, most at a rate of 0.5 percent. County sales tax revenue generally is earmarked by statute for property tax relief.

Contrary to what the mayor seems to be saying, the city is not giving any sales tax to the county.

More accurately, the voters of El Paso county decided to impose the tax on purchases.  The city had nothing to do with it.

The city has a legal department with enough lawyers to make it one of the largest law organizations in the city.  Maybe the mayor could get one of them to educate him.

We deserve better


3 Responses to How to educate our mayor

  1. Our City Legal Department actually provide *legal* opinion, direction, or information? Surely you jest! Nah, if our elected representatives want legal advice, they always hire from outside! It wastes more money that way. (Sarcasm Font at work here).


  2. Curious says:

    How many attorneys does the city have on its staff?


  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the phrase property tax relief. Our local politicians just see it as an extra bucket of money they can spend. It is why I’m opposed to a state income tax. In no time, the tax and spenders would have property tax bills up to former levels and would be taxing income, too.


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