EPISD grievance

One of the fights over at EPISD seems to be heating up.

Recently one of the board members called for the resignation of the superintendent in a public meeting.

Now the superintendent has filed a grievance complaint against that board member.

It certainly appears that they are not getting along.

The board member wants the complaint to be made available for public review.  The superintendent says that releasing the grievance would “constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”

The board member in question used to be a city representative.  The district central office staff now includes people who were formerly city employees that appear to be aligned with the board member.

The plot thickens.

We deserve better



2 Responses to EPISD grievance

  1. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Normally, the party who would have a problem with the grievance would be the person who is the subject of that grievance since normally it accuses them of improper behavior. In this case, that individual wants the contents of the grievance made public and the guy who filed the complaint has a problem with that? It seems to me he lost the right privacy on the topic when he chose to file the grievance about the board member. The light of day is actually a good check and balance on folks who like to secretly complain about others.


  2. al bundy says:

    Cabrera and friends are so obviously corrupt. Even all the rabid Byrd-haters should be able to see it.


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