Border controversy

Recently the president of Mexico was quoted as saying ““If your recent declarations are due to frustration over issues to do with internal policy, your laws, or your Congress, direct yourself to them, not to Mexicans” in response to the United States president announcing plans to send national guard troops to help patrol our border with Mexico.

Personally I think that the Mexican president would have a point if President Trump’s actions were based on frustrations over internal American policies.

Instead, the administration is telling us that the moves are designed to stop the illegal immigration that is occurring.

According to a U.S. News and World Report the United States arrested 39,000 people crossing the border illegally in November 2017.

The Epoch Times reported “More than 50,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended by Border Patrol agents along the U.S.–Mexico border in March.” (2018).

That’s the number that were caught.  Who knows how many made it through?

The guard will not actually be patrolling the border.  “These service members will provide mission-enhancing capabilities that allow Customs and Border Protection personnel to provide more law enforcement officers to the field,” said an Arizona National Guard statement.”

This is not the first time that guard troops have been used.  According to an ABC News report:

In 2006 the Bush administration deployed 6,000 Guardsmen as part of the border support mission known as Operation Jump Start.

President Barack Obama deployed 1,200 guardsmen in 2010 as part of a similar mission called Operation Phalanx.

Shouldn’t we fix our immigration system?

We deserve better



11 Responses to Border controversy

  1. fix how says:

    if by fix you mean allow everyone in then no, we shouldn’t fix anything. no country allows uncontrolled immigration. we should mimic mexico’s immigration laws.

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    • walter white says:

      Mexico sure hates those Guatemelons and Salvation seeking Salvadorians. They Uber them quickly to our border so we can foolishly pay more taxes. Doesnt work in the middle East. Look at france and germany and Londonistan….they will never recover


  2. The simple solution is the one they never talk about. Just as it is illegal to enter this – or most any other – nation without proper documentation, it is also illegal for an American citizen to hire an undocumented individual. When was the last time we saw or heard of any American employer being arrested or even fined for hiring illegals? If you want to control illegal immigration, you have to take away the incentive that makes it happen. At the same time, we should make more effort to assist Mexico and other Latin American countries with their problems, and otherwise leave them the hell alone. Don’t forget that much of the instability in places like Guatemala are the result of our own unfettered interference in those places going back many, many years.


    • Pay Attention says:

      John – Do you even read the news? There was a big raid on a plant in Tennessee just a couple of weeks ago. It was a major bust and received national attention.


    • Pay Attention says:

      I forgot to also mention the recent raids on 7-Eleven stores in several states nationwide.


    • Carla says:

      Illegal immigrants would still come for the benefits. “Give me your huddled masses yearning to be free” worked when there were no benefits.


  3. Tom Busch says:

    The Epoch Times. Really? Shame on you.


    • walter white says:

      Epoch times is spot on. Bob Moore would never utter such truth or Escobar would have reprimanded her, i mean him


  4. Anonymous says:

    The barking Mexican perro. The Mexican Army has been ON our Border for many years. U.S. troops are a pain for them to deal with. THEY do the JOB. That is why Mexico is whining about the NG’s being there. There have been NUMEROUS incidents of cross-border intrusions by the Army, Policia and Federales. They were “chasing somebody”, they were “Lost”. Many times they would just run back to Mexico. Many times their weapons were seized and Commanders called to come and get them. Other times they were just scouting cross-border routes for smuggling Illegals drugs.


  5. Eastsider says:

    Mexico does not allow illegal immigration. Why should they expect the U.S. to do so?


  6. Benevelous says:

    Mexico is going to be upset with the US a LOT over the next few years.

    As security on the border tightens and eventually causes the flow of humans (that Mexico doesn’t want) and their largest export product to the World (drugs) to be slowed to a trickle (and perhaps even stopped?), Mexico and American supporters of all of this illegal “trade” will get angrier and more militant.

    El Paso WILL be a huge part of that struggle. There are people here that honestly WANT every bit of this to continue! They want it to INCREASE! They will fight tooth and nail to maintain El Paso’s undeclared sanctuary status. They will fight hard to keep up the flow of illegal aliens, and with them, the $ BILLIONS that the drug trade brings though our city. If one can come across so may the other, period.

    Soon, the violence will begin in earnest elsewhere in America. More riots and marches will happen. And, an increasing number of these might become violent in character.

    And, eventually, the largest gateway for the smuggling of people and narcotics into America will see some of that violence too. That gateway is El Paso.

    But, there is some small hope. Efforts to regulate the border with Mexico and to slow and eventually stop the avalanche of people and the continuing horror of the drug trade are increasing in the first REAL way since this was first recognized as a real problem (late 1980’s).


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