More from the superintendent

The Ysleta school district superintendent evidently has “denied that the school supported the walkout…” in an interview with the Times.

Does anyone know how the students learned of the walkout?

Even if there really was a 6th grader that learned of the national walkout through sources other than the school, I doubt that his or her classmates would pay much attention.

Google offered “enable to function or act” as a definition of the word support.

It is a fact that the teachers allowed about 400 students to walkout of class.

The superintendent is wrong.

We deserve better


7 Responses to More from the superintendent

  1. Helen Marshall says:

    Leaving aside the rest of the argument here, Brutus, if you think that 6th graders, who are 12 years-old, cannot learn about national events except by notices from adults at school, you are living in the last century. Check out the toddlers using their cellphones…got any 12-year-old grandchildren? Bet they can access websites…


  2. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    If a six grader and five of his friends decide they are going to walk out of the classroom because there is a Save the Whales event on social media that is telling everyone to leave their classrooms to show their support for this issue, do you think that will be allowed? Probably not. There are a million worthy causes out there asking folks to make some sort of visual show of support, and schools typically don’t allow kids to pick their ditch class events. If the school didn’t “opt in” in to this event by allowing kids to leave the classroom and congregate outside, those kids would have been at their desks. When I was in 6th grade, you didn’t walk out of a classroom without teacher permission. I’m finding it hard to believe it is easy to do that now. I have zero sympathy for the superintendent and the school administration who allowed this to happen.


  3. anonymous says:

    If you want to prevent kids from leaving the classrooms, you’ll have to take away smartphones and handcuff the kids to their desks. You can’t realistically expect teachers to physically detain a group of kids. Teachers are not police officers. In the case if a walkout, there also aren’t enough campus security officers to detain several classrooms simultaneously.


  4. The Oracle says:

    School Walkouts and National Planned Walkouts are RIPE for those “also on the same mailing list” / internet news/ events and could pose danger / shootings of kids who are no longer in the school’s custody.
    The kids would not be protected AT ALL during Nationally Planned Walkouts. (Yes, even the Bad Guys can read the news and schedule events.)


    • Think Before You Comment says:

      And if any “Bad Guys” are reading this blog, you just gave them your bright idea for how to harm defenseless kids.


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