Project Amistad buses

Does anyone know what the financial details are concerning Project Amistad now running the west side feeder routes for Sun Metro?

Feeding Brio was a post that explained the bus routes.

Up until recently Sun Metro serviced the routes but now Project Amistad is doing it.

Is Sun Metro paying Project Amistad to run almost empty buses around the west side, or has someone figured out how to get the state and the feds to pay for this?

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6 Responses to Project Amistad buses

  1. Fed Up says:

    Why would they get the state or federal government to pay for it when they have us pay for it regardless whether we like it or need it?


  2. Judy Maddox says:

    I am lucky enough to have trees and a sitting spot so that the one or two maids can ride back and forth town after leaving their gym and trash in my yard. But hey Doncha know the circulars didn’t cost you anything THEY WERE PAID FOR WITH A GRANT. Oh wait I forgot grant cane from taxpayer money. And while we are subject of busses traffic in Mesa is bad enough without getting caught in back of an empty city or Brio bus. IF We had people running the department we could do a comparison study of the hours of use and reschedule service using less machinery manpower and fuel in a more efficient way. Whoopie less money wasted.!!!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    It runs in my neighborhood. The geriatric shuttle. Me in another 10 years.


  4. good governance oxymoron says:

    The City contracts Project Amistad to assist with ADA paratransit trips and operate FTA-funded Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) transit service and has for years,

    The FTA regulations require complementary ADA paratransit within 3/4-mile of every local bus route that operates the same days and hours as fixed route

    Federal money is used and the contracts are awarded through the MPO.

    Project Amistad is operating the Westside routes for GO10 traffic mitigation rather than Sun Metro because all of Project Amistad vehicles are ADA compliant with wheel chair lifts.

    Those particular routes service a large number of assisted living facilities, the medical complex areas and brio stations. Project Amistad is approved for Medicaid-eligible many of whom live in the westside ALFs.

    It is probably the one intelligent and cost-effective decision the city has made in decades.

    Rather than try to operate regular Sun Metro circulators and the LIFT having Project Amistad take over the circulator routes provides all services and removes the need for the LIFT

    IMHO if they want to be brilliant give it all to Project AMISTAD, dump the LIFT and downsize Sun Metro.

    Route 90 Westside/Eastside Express
    Route 91 Bartlett/Centennial Circulator
    Route 92 Resler/Loma de Cristo Circulator
    Route 93 Thunderbird Circulator


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