Hiring your own judge

Our city attorney has resigned.

From our point of view she has been an enabler of much of the nonsense that city council is imposing on us.

For those of you who have not been reading the blog for long and that want some examples, please enter “city attorney” in the search box below.

A new city attorney will be chosen by a majority vote of city council.  The mayor is considered a member of city council.

We have an opportunity to clean up a problem here but it is doubtful that council will choose someone who will stand up to them and tell them when they cannot do something.

Watch the selection process carefully.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Hiring your own judge

  1. I think they are going to have to address the matter of giving away the farm to a retiring employee, first. I cannot, in my wildest dreams, grasp the idea that a person who is retiring deserves a severance package. And, funnily enough, how come the City Manager was not aware of the action? How was that deal legal?


  2. Thomaspainelives says:

    She isn’t retiring. No matter what they say, she was fired. You don’t get a severance package and a no talking agreement. If Gonzalez didn’t know, it’s rigged.


  3. Jud Burgess says:

    If we’re to believe what we’re told, city manager Gonzalez and city council members were not aware of the goings on behind the scenes between mayor Margo and attorney Firth.

    This Republican Trojan Horse mayor is making a very public attempt to wrest or cajole power from city council and city manager in an effort to bring El Paso back to the “strong mayor” format.

    Gonzalez and city council have become his lapdog, subservient minions who let him get away with all kinds of violations.

    Keep an eye on things, Trump-Lite Margo is making his move.


  4. truthseeker says:

    Anyone who trusts Gonzalez to tell the truth is on drugs. He has his own checkered past.

    As I recall, the mayor only votes when the other members of council are locked in a tie. So if his preferred candidate is to be hired, he will need at least half of the reps to support his choice.


  5. Helen Marshall says:

    Watch how this plays out and remember who did what in November!


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