Water parks

This came in from Helen Marshall:

“Words fail me”

We deserve better


8 Responses to Water parks

  1. desertratjim says:

    Yet our roads and other infrastructure can go to hell and don’t get badly needed repairs. Unbelievable.


  2. good governance oxymoron says:

    For reference:

    Here are the Districts and waterpark locations:
    District 2 Chelsea area near Ross Middle School
    District 7 Lionel Forti Park
    District 5 Eastside Regional Park
    District 4 Northeast location tbd
    District 1 Westside tbd

    Here is the proposed project description:
    A 6,000 square foot facility
    Zero depth entry water play area and water spray ground
    Lazy River water play area
    Water slides
    A lap pool with climbing wall and water basketball
    Toddler splash area
    Cabanas that can be reserved for events and gathering
    Outdoor grill, concessions, and party room
    ADA compliant parking areas


  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t remember water parks being on the Q of L. Pools and splash pads were. No wonder the costs are spiraling out and of control.


  4. JerryK says:

    So, if we’re being pissed on by our city government, what kind of water park illustrates that theme?


  5. amused says:

    Gosh, I’m sure companies are going to be racing to relocate here now that they know we will have more water parks.


  6. Anonymous says:

    And let’s not forget, it’s what we deserve. I love the way our city leaders find catchphrases that have double entendres. If you voted for those bozos it is definitely what you deserve—an overpriced operation that will contribute to making retirement unaffordable for you and home ownership unattainable for your kids.


  7. Sad El Pasoan says:

    There are no street lights on main roads. Perfect example, Loretto Academy is not a park but a lot of our elderly people take daily walks around its premises. The City has not responded to many requests for street lighting on Trowbridge Drive. Warning – A tragedy waiting to happen.


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