Do they expect to win the lawsuit?

We received this from Max Grossman:

Dear Friends,

The City of El Paso is modifying its purchase agreements for five properties such that their owners will no longer be required to demolish their structures as a condition of sale.

Evidently, the City hopes to proceed with its plans to build “something” (as Sylvia Borunda Firth previously stated) although they are not certain what it is they can legally build.

El Pasoans deserve so much better than this.

One Response to Do they expect to win the lawsuit?

  1. Jud Burgess says:

    The El Paso Arena Fustercluck will not succeed…even if it was to be placed in Barrio Duranguito with sports.

    Listen to my 3 minutes with mayor Margo and City Council where I SHRED El Paso leadership for torching our tax dollars litigating the sports arena. Recorded Dec 2017

    From the audio – “Mayor Margo, as a businessman you are leading the charge to tear it down and begin building the obscene monument to fiscal stupidity and wholesale historical malpractice on behalf of your wealthy downtown property owning friends.”


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