Bad apology

Our soon to be ex-city attorney has done it again.

According to  a recent El Paso Times article she wrote an apologetic email to the mayor and city council members the day before two agenda items dealing with real estate that her husband had an ownership interest in were to be considered by city council.  From the Times article:

“Items 24.2 and 24.3 on the agenda for next week involve real estate in which my husband and his law partners have an ownership interest.  I am sorry I did not disclose this earlier but I did not even know these items were on the agenda.”

Not prepared

I guess that now we are to believe that she does not study the agenda when it is first published so that she can prepare legal advice for city council.


If the Times article is correct she wrote the email the day before the council meeting in question.

Yet she tells everyone that the items are on the “agenda for next week”.

We deserve better


One Response to Bad apology

  1. Anonymous says:

    A little “Influence peddling” in El Paso, not THAT uncommon among Politicians, Public Officials here. So WHY is the Mayor FABRICATING a reason about why she is leaving and why HE has to stuff OUR money in her pockets? Rewarding CORRUPTION? It should have been plainly stated that she was FIRED and why. She should get nothing from US. Just more LIES, DECEIT from Politicians who are SUPPOSED to REPRESENT the PEOPLE.


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