Credit where credit is due

The Hunt Family Foundation recently published their 2017 annual report in the Times.

Without regard to how we might feel about the financing of the ballpark we should note that the Hunts are supporting charities in our area.

In 2017 they show contributions to charities of $7.5 million.

They have committed another $55.8 million to projects that they will fund over a period of time.

In total they have funded or committed $97.1 million since 1987.


12 Responses to Credit where credit is due

  1. mamboman3 says:

    Are they mountainstar partners and if so does it say how much they’ve profited from the ballpark, plus how many tax breaks they’ve gotten on projects?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah and as a city we have funded or committed over $4 billion in debt that is benefiting projects the Hunts, Fosters and other downtown REIT investors are making money on either in property value increases, tax abatements, infrastructure gifts (ie the stadium) or construction company contracts. And a portion of Hunts’ revenue comes from building military housing—ie more taxpayer money. It is great that the foundation is taking tax write offs here vs elsewhere but I don’t see this as a noble undertaking—just the PR down payment on more deals that use taxpayer funds.


  3. anonymous says:

    Run a profit and loss statement on what they have received from taxpayers versus what they have donated to charity. They’ve made out just fine on their charitable investments.

    These are the same people who recently threatened not to build their new tower downtown unless they received even more tax breaks than they were originally awarded, but they refused to state publicly how much more they were asking for.

    I guess your assessment is fine if you want to judge goodness on the size of checks that people can write.


    • jerrykfan says:

      Bingo, its called Bartering. You could say “Indian Giving” which would be bigoted, but it reminds me of the movie Val Kilmer was in called Thunderheart. The old Indian chief wanted to trade and took Val’s nice sunglasses and in return gave Val a blue stone. Val knew who got the better end of that deal. Its like when Foster donated the building down town that was on the tax rolls for 400k and yet later his Jordon-Foster Construction was paid by the city somewhere around 1.8 mill for the Renovation. These people have great wealth because they are very smart and they dont take a shit without a plan. Lets watch what happens on the West side. Now if the land they want to develop was already approved in 2013 then they have every right to do it, but if land that was protected under that from being sold then it doesn’t. im thinking this Tax incentives are only for the land that approved in 2013, however, incentives ? There wasnt any incentives on the part next to it. PSB owns most the land. We need to knock down our debt, but yet we want to sell it cheap and give incentives ? Help me here Jerryk.


  4. Anonymous says:

    El Paso is just one BIG “Charity”. If they really cared about HELPING El Pasoans, they would put all that easy MILLIONS$$$ into their ball field. MAYBE then WE are not faced with CONSTANT Property “Value” INCREASES, always followed by MORE tax INCREASES. Their baseball enterprise was a scam, a LIE perpertrated on TAXPAYERS, homeowners, by Mountain Star Sports and POLITICIANS. WE are FORCED to pay for it, but WE will never see a dime in “Returns”.


  5. JerryK says:

    The key to becoming a billionaire is to leave capitalism to the saps who think competition is good. It is easier and much more profitable to buy your way into the public pocket, as the Hunts have demonstrated time after time.


    • jerrykfan says:

      not to mention how they bitched about that school that had the American Flag painted on the wall of the school because it clashed with their same colored house-condo development in that area. Bet they wouldn’t bitch if the border wall(fence) was painted with the American flag colors.


  6. The Oracle says:

    Hunt owns the CONCRETE company that the city uses most of the time.
    Oh, well.


    • Anonymous says:

      And When they are GIVEN everything they WANT and will owe little, to NO taxes and US “Stupid , ignorant peons” are FORCED to PAY for it, it helps that they also OWN the local POLITICIANS. Campaign “Donations”. 🙂


  7. good governance oxymoron says:

    $97 million over a 30 year period is an average of $3.23 million per year.


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