Wastewater, wastemoney

According to a recent article in the El Paso Times the tax increment finance zone “only will exist until the year 2036 or until the cost to build stormwater infrastructure has been met.”

Evidently they can’t build the resort they want because of drainage problems off of the mountain.

Imagine that.

Many of us would just say build it somewhere else if you have to build it.

We deserve better


One Response to Wastewater, wastemoney

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the politicians, Public Officials that run the city, could just hire “Friends, Family” “Construction” companies and have that area of the mountain just LEVELED. THEY could INCREASE TAXES several BILLION$$$ to pay for it. All US “Stupid, ignorant peons” know that THEY would never make Developers pay for anything. Developers, POLITICIANS have already DESTROYED large parts of the mountain. And how many years have WE been paying their “Rain-falling-off-the-roof-TAX”, but still every time a big T-storm comes through, property is destroyed, areas, the SAME areas are FLOODED. What do THEY do with all OUR money?? Slush funds, a lot of “Back pockets”??


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