Out of town conferences

An EPISD employee sent this in:

Referring to your recent post Different Information:
This is an annual tech conference for using Technology in the classroom.   At the very least those attending should be teachers or computer teachers using the technology to integrate with classroom instruction OR IT (Instructional Tech Trainers) which EPISD has several (who probably attended as well) who actually know how to use the technology and know how to train teachers to use the technology.
Will Mr. Cabrera or Dr. Brown come back and train all the teachers on the wonderful educational sessions they attended? Not likely…We ALL know what occurs at out of town conferences…no accountability as to which sessions were attended.
If there is no money for raises, and insurance is rising, then no one should be able to attend out of town conferences as we also know those are very informational (and intended for teachers) but also a luxury this poor district cannot cannot afford.

2 Responses to Out of town conferences

  1. Answer says:

    To the employee that submitted this:

    You ask if if Mr. Cabrera or Dr. Brown will come back and train all the teachers on the wonderful educational sessions they attended.

    There’s nothing to share. They weren’t there to learn. They were there functioning as sales reps for e2L.


  2. Anonymous says:

    A step, yes a small step, was made in the right direction as all central office budgets received a 20% reduction in travel for the 2018-2019 school year.


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