Juarez killings

A loyal reader tipped us off to the fact that 22 people were killed in a 24 hour period in Juarez just a couple of weeks ago.


El Paso suffers from the perception that the violence might spill over to the United States side.

Certainly the violence does not make it easy to recruit new businesses.

We deserve better




19 Responses to Juarez killings

  1. Mike Schwartz says:

    Is the problem an over-exaggeration of the killings, a perception by the media the problem would detract from El Paso’s image of “Safest CIty”, or what?


  2. Um, ah, the source of this report was breitbart? Really? As opposed to, oh, I don’t know, maybe “El Diario” or some other reliable Mexican periodical???? They claim that their source was “local media reports,” without citing the actual local media? And, your reader believed that mierda?


  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s almost as if some form of substantial barrier between the two countries would benefit the country with the lower murder rate…


  4. Anonymous says:

    El Paso as the “Safest City” in the U.S., the WORLD, is a fallacy created by John Cook and Company years ago. It was a Magazine Ad the City bought. to “Attract” Touristas. Check the FBI Uniform Crime Reports for any year. If there are NO, few Police on the streets, because the city can’t AFFORD them, then their is ” low, no” crime. If the robbery, rape, murder, assault don’t get reported, didn’t happen.


  5. Tom Busch says:

    Hilarious. Most of you haven’t visited Juarez in 20 years. Juarez might as well be on the moon. Why do you care? I have a big news flash for you. El Paso will NEVER be a tourist destination. We are at a net population loss now because our kids understand that this is a losing proposition and they move out as fast as they can to places where they can actually make a living. Babies don’t pay taxes and our aging tax payers and property owners are dropping like flies. Our economic base is strictly the military, DHS, industrial complex. The border is a disaster. Nobody in their right mind goes to Juarez unless they have to like me. The worst part of my day is when I have to cross and encounter yet another fat, untrained, rude and unsupervised customs agent. What is it about that scenario that suggests to you that it might be a tourist friendly environment? Don’t worry about the violence in Juarez. You’re not going there anyway. And tourists ain’t gonna flock to El Paso for that romantic old west experience. All they have to do is drive on I-10 and look south. They can’t leave fast enough.


    • JerryK says:

      I actually did visit the Avenida in March with a friend to have lunch. First time in maybe 10 years. The whores are gone but the margaritas at the Kentucky Club haven’t changed 🙂

      Too bad, too bad.


  6. Benevelous says:

    As previously stated (by me and others), the worst of the horrors that really define Juarez as the Beirut of Mexico, do NOT make it into El Paso for one single reason:

    You do not poop where you eat.

    IF the kidnapping, the incredible murder rate, and the open street violence (that is a common occurrence in Juarez) truly spilled over into El Paso, the US would close the border. Or, at least BEGIN to actually control the border here in the Sun City.

    Doing this would seriously cut into the multi-billion dollar drug trade that needs an undeclared sanctuary city like El Paso to get their product to market!

    But, as thing stand now, the killing goes on unchecked in Juarez.

    The drug flow into El Paso and on to the rest of North America goes on unchecked.

    A real massive total control of the border is the only thing that will stop the flow of this into our country.

    On that topic, I believe that Mr. Trump’s wall is a wasteful proposition. I agree with General George S. Patton (a distant relative my husband by the way):

    “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of Man.”

    There will ALWAYS be a way to circumvent a wall or fort or any other sort of barrier.

    The ONLY way to secure ANY border is with people. Many many people with guns and the real training necessary to perform the function of guarding a border. And, this must apply to our northern border as well.

    Just some thoughts.


    • JerryK says:

      Go to Israel and see what they have done with a wall. I have. It’s not PC, but it works no matter what Patton said. My proposal for our security, that will continue to be more threatened as Mexico devolves into cartel and socialist (Chavez-style) chaos, is for the US to occupy a portion of the Mexican borderland and to create our own Gaza strip into which 100% of the illegal border crossers will be remanded onto Mexican soil, but under our control.

      The US will act as the occupying power, as we did in Iraq. That means no constitutional protections for illegals from libtard Federal judges who have lost sight of what it means to secure the benefits of law for Americans. Mexico will sue for the return of their land and that is our bargaining chip to enlist them to secure the northern border, wall or not.

      Juarez is the next Beirut if it’s not already. Don’t worry about Mexico fighting back. Criminals don’t shoot straight and have no honor.


      • Jerry K and that benewhatsits must be living in some kind of alternate El Paso. Cd. Juarez is nowhere near as bad as y’all seem to think. When was the last time either one of you was across the border? We simply are not under siege to the extent y’all seem to believe, and I think you both exaggerate reality by a marked degree.


  7. JerryK says:

    We could rebrand ourselves: El Paso – NOT Portlandia!


  8. good governance oxymoron says:

    It is really bad in Juarez.

    All approved official travel must be in an armored vehicle.

    Here is the media report.

    US government issues security alert to federal employees going to Ciudad Juarez


    Because of an increase in homicides throughout Ciudad Juarez, including an increase in shootings in the highly frequented downtown area during daylight hours, the U.S. government personnel are prohibiting them from traveling to downtown Ciudad Juarez without advance permission from the Regional Security Office for the next 30 days.

    All approved official travel must be in an armored vehicle.

    The restriction will be discussed for reevaluation at the end of the 30-day period.

    The alert advises visitors going to Juarez to also be aware of their surroundings.

    US government issues security alert to federal employees going to Ciudad Juarez


    • Mike Schwartz says:

      I was there last night. Went to a restaurant on AVe Americas. Had a leisurely dinner punctuated by loud pops across the street. Restaurant manager? Owner ? advised us to leave by the back since policia were trying to capture some narcotraficantes across the street and losing the battle. Had a couple of jeeps with mounted 30’s roll up and observe. We departed, and wound our way back to the border. Gunfire right and left all the way. US Customs at the border said its that way most nights. Didn’t ask if we were carrying, just if we had brought back cigarettes or booze(no). Kind of reminded me of eating a leisurely dinner elsewhere- Beirut? Baghdad? Mosul? can’t remember now. Is it safe ? Probably not. Will I be doing it again soon? Probably not.


      • good governance oxymoron says:

        With the recent elections I suspect Juarez will get much worse.
        I am glad you returned safely


        • Mike Schwartz says:

          I am now years older and supposedly wiser than I was during VietNam through Desert Storm. All I could think was “WTF was I thinking coming over here?!!!!” After crossing the border back we stopped at the closest Dennys for coffee and a chance to unload our kidneys. And sadly I think you’re right, it’s going to get a lot worse. It will be a long long time before I go back if ever. And the analogy to Beirut is close to the mark.


  9. abandon hope says:

    2018 Homicides by Month in Juárez:

    January — 72
    February — 44
    March — 56
    April — 65
    May — 124
    June — 180


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