Cart before the horse

Don’t bother to get involved in the city budget process this year.

They are having another “special” council meeting Monday, July 30, 2018.

The main event:

Introduction of an Ordinance levying FY 2018 – 2019 taxes.


They don’t have a budget yet but they know what the tax rate will be.

Neat, huh?

We deserve better



9 Responses to Cart before the horse

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just arrogant, disrespectful, condescending politicians in El Taxo. Got to hide, lie, deny, deceive US “Stupid , ignorant peons”. That is how THEY “Represent” US. THEY are just there for the MONEY, whatever THEY can get, TAKE from US. Remember election days.


    • Lower Case says:

      I can always identify your comments by the use of all caps on US, THEM, and certain other words, but I think you should start posting under the name MR. ALL CAPS or MR. UPPER CASE.


      • Anonymous says:

        I can always identify YOUR comments by my lack of concern with what you say. Don’t know why it’s necessary to explain, but I will. CAPS are used for EMPHASIS. As in “with El Paso POLITICIANS, Public Officials who are SUPPOSED to REPRESENT US, it’s always THEM against US.” Are you one of THEM?? 🙂


  2. Old Fart says:

    Brutus, below is an extract of the agenda for that item. Anyone who takes time to attend any of the meetings of the city, county, the school districts, EPCC, or UMC, would know this is the normal yearly budget process. They all have to wait until the CAD provides them the ‘certified appraisal roll.”

    It’s certainly nothing I’m going to ‘shit my pants’ over.


    Presentation of certified appraisal roll, effective tax rate, roll back rate for the FY 2018 – 2019 Budget and the 3rd Quarter financial update.
    All Districts
    Office of Management and Budget, Nicole Cote, (915) 212-1092

    Presentation, Discussion and Action on FY 2018 – 2019 Budget.
    All Districts
    Office of Management and Budget, Nicole Cote, (915) 212-1092”


    • Brutus says:

      Item 3 on the agenda introduces the proposed tax rate ordinance.


      • Old Fart says:

        Yes, and the city first needs the ‘certified appraisal roll’ numbers before it can set the tax rate. Once the city sets the tax rate, there should be a published notice in the paper providing the time and days, likely only two, for the public hearings. Any blog readers interested can attend the meetings and make comment.


  3. JerryK says:

    As I recall in my city hall days, there were lots of budget meetings before final adoption; too much work to be done in any one regular council meeting. The department heads and commissions present their plans and requests for budget to CC. Routine, not conspiracy.

    Eventually, a miracle occurs and the final budget appears for adoption.


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