Aerial tramway

Our aerial tramway has been closed.

According to an article in the Times:

The decision came after an engineering analysis that was conducted as part of a deferred maintenance project that was planned to begin later this fall, a news release stated.

The tramway has been operated by the state for 17 years.

It is disturbing that this came as a surprise.

Many of us think that this issue should have been on the state’s radar for years and that the needed improvements should have been made short of shutting it down without notice and without a plan to re-open it.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Aerial tramway

  1. John Dungan says:

    The original article, from the online Herald-Post, did mention something called “deferred maintenance,” by the way. Sad, and just another example of our too long neglected infrastructure.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Little by little we are losing the stuff that makes us uniquely El Paso and replacing it in with overdevelopment and chain companies that you can find in most cities.

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  3. abandon hope says:

    Where is our state representation, i.e. Joe Moody, Lina Ortega, Jose Rodriguez, Joe Pickett? They are supposed to represent El Paso at the state where funding decisions for Texas Parks are made.

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    • Helen Marshall says:

      I know that the senator is very concerned. But the legislature is not in session. Sadly this is just one more example of the disdain in Austin for west Texas….do they even know we have a mountain out here?

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      • Curious says:

        How can you say there is disdain for El Paso with all the highway investment that has been going on for the last few years? What about the med school? Our senator had nothing to do with any of that. A senator being very “concerned” after the fact reminds me of the phrase “thoughts and prayers.”


      • abandon hope says:

        Well, the legislature WILL be in session in 6 months and believe me all the outside work is being done right now. It is time now to put pressure on all our state representation to do their jobs. Whine if you want, but nothing gets done without pressure and that should come from the public.

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    • Same Old S*** says:

      No surprise. Just look at the condition of Mesa street, which the state is responsible for maintaining, yet the Montecillo developers are getting their a new cut through which will add to the traffic problems. Follow the money.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I was sad to hear of the closing of the tram since it had some of the best views of our beautiful city. It was one of those places I would take out of town visitors. But on the bright side now we have a trolley *sarcasm* it’s all good el paso

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