Nicholas Vasquez–candidate district 8

Nicholas Vasquez is running for city representative district 8.

He sent this in:

Hi Brutus,

hope alls well.

Names Nicholas Anthony Vasquez,

here’s what I’m offering
allocations towards projects that will benefit all of El Paso while having the ability to reduce the burden property owners face when providing for public services.
I will also be more than glad to answer any questions that are not on my website as well as other ones coming from any Users.
let me know
thanks again
for giving us better info.

10 Responses to Nicholas Vasquez–candidate district 8

  1. John Dungan says:

    I took a look at his link, and while I like many of the things he says, I am put off by the way he says them. He really needs someone to edit his written words, because his grammar leaves a lot to be desired. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that he is about to graduate from UTEP, given his very poor command of the language. Maybe it would be more accurate to just say that I am very concerned about the future of this City if he is an example of what UTEP is producing. Please, young Mr. Vasquez, engage the services of an editor.


    • JerryK says:

      It ain’t just UTEP. I have had employees 20 years ago who graduated from a University of California college and they couldn’t write a coherent paragraph, either. I was teaching undergrad and graduate courses 2008-2012 and it was the same here.

      This is a post-literate society. Remember Bush 2.0? People even thought his “bushisms” were sort of cute. Good thing he had Cheney and Rove around.


    • Nicholas Anthony Vasquez says:

      Well, I apologize that Grammar is one of of my weak points. I would hope many don’t simply judge “intelligence” based on grammar of a language.

      I appreciate the criticism John compared to most posters on this.

      I would hope instead many judge based on what I’m presenting.

      In short all I’m purposing is abolishing useless entertainment projects from the QoL bonds of 2012 and purposing two projects that would provide revenue.

      A recycling facility that produces materials we as a community can use such as plastic bins, speed bumps, roads, etc.. the list can go on.

      Another proposal would be a composting program that literally gets the food scraps from residential areas and turns them into three forms of revenue. Alternative bio fuel, animal fodder and last compost. These three forms can be sold on the market or spread out throughout the community based on who needs it.

      All this would be proposed to the Voters as a bond election.


      • Anonymous says:

        Several years ago an alternative biofuel company opened up around Anthony. What happened to it? As far as recycling, what community model can you show that is successfully doing this type of closed loop recycling. I agree with ending the Q of L waste, but as a taxpayer I’m tired of funding City Council’s big ideas that look good on paper but don’t work in the real world. The idea that your ideas require another bond issue to fund is pretty unattractive to me. I think we need to shut down all nonessential spending and focus on bringing employers to this region who are capable of improving workforce skills and salary over time. What data do you have that suggests your proposals would work?


        • Nicholas Vasquez says:

          To my knowledge I have not heard about this, I would be interested in finding more about this. Thank you for sharing.

          There are some private business companies around the U.S. that utilize the process(, if you check my website I have the link to provide sources. Everything I state is backed by data. There are also other Countries that are using this process as well. I will state this, I will present everything to the Voters to approve. I will never use any CO’s to supply programs. I feel this is an abuse of governmental power when the decision should come to its citizens.

          I disagree. I feel what I’m presenting is not only going to improve our community but also our economy. We do not need to attract employers who are able to improve our workforce when we can do it ourselves. We have a University that produces high quality talent within many fields. We have amazing craftsman and technicians from all various fields. We do not need to contract outside entities for any economic development project we start. I want to keep the money here and invest into the local community.

          The idea of attracting industry will kill us before we realize we need to build with what we have.

          I apologize for the late reply been busy.

          I will promise you this, I will not stand for the economic plan that we are currently on.

          I will serve the interests of the people if given the chance. I stand by my word. This is why I ran, this campaign has never been about me but what the community has told me constantly for 6 years.

          Lowering taxes and not spending it foolishly should be a given. Fixing our streets and infrastructure should already be a given. We should no longer stand by mere simple promises when even then many can’t even seem to accomplish that.


  2. Susan Mucha says:

    The only D8 candidate with any specificity in published policy is Rich Wright. Everyone else is either vague about what they would work to change or looking like they would advocate for spending for unneeded projects. I’m still evaluating my vote, but vague statements are a total turnoff.

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  3. Disgusted says:

    I prefer candidates who care about little details like grammar and punctuation. This is what you get with an EPISD education?


  4. Jeff says:

    Did I miss it? What party affiliation? Curious, because he mentions taxpayer burden.


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