Open forum

We recently published a piece sent to us by Max Grossman.

At the end of it he called out three city representatives for their involvement in the cost overruns.

If any or all of those city representatives would like to tell us their thoughts about the issue we welcome their contribution in the form of a post.

We deserve better


12 Responses to Open forum

  1. Anonymous says:

    They can’t, won’t show up for that. Many, most(?) times, cost “Over runs” are used by Contractors to HIDE “Campaign donations, pay-offs, kick backs”. THEY add the money to the Contract that TAXPAYERS are FORCED to pay. That way the Contractor does NOT take the money from HIS pocket. In El Taxo, with POLITICIANS, Public Officials, EVERYTHING always cost MORE than THEY tell US, “Cost over runs”, and takes a lot longer to complete, IF it’s ever completed, than THEY say. Anybody notice, remember that after THEY voted to build the ball field for Mountain Star Sports, all or MOST of them had Political Campaigns?? Financing ??

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  2. Still Waiting says:

    Don’t hold your breath. Dylan Corbett has refused to even respond to questions posted after he submitted his letter to this blog. Local politicians love to pontificate and talk, but they don’t like to listen and respond to the questions asked.

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  3. chico says:

    I hope they submit. would like to see perspective put to paper.


  4. Rico Suave says:

    So the City Manager is NOT responsible ????


    • anonymous says:

      I’m no fan of Gonzalez, but truth be told this almost unmanageable mess was created by people like Joyce Wilson and her fuzzy math deputy and former city council members, none of whom are around to be held accountable for any of this. Both Wilson and the former CFO, who sold the QOF bond programs that were based on unrealistic cost estimates, then moved on to other taxpayer funded positions that they received with help from the people they stroked while holding their city positions.


    • Anonymous says:

      Nope, City “Manager” is only responsible, to blame for giving these people all the money they want, “Cost over-runs”.. Then he tells the Silly Council they have to INCREASE TAXES on US to pay for all the “stuff” the Mayor, Silly Council WANT. El Taxo, that’s how it works here.


  5. The Raging Chihuahua says:

    So, this is what being (ignored) ‘Executive Session-ed’ sounds like – quieter than cricket, but louder than a pin dropping. What l found on Rep. Cissy Lizarraga’s facebook page was disturbing because it’s not surprising. Eight days ago she posted that she plans on spending taxpayer $ because having “just” a choo-choo isn’t enough. We now need some artistic decorations that follows the choo-choo’s route. Where’s the logic in that? lt’s ok to ride: cars, trucks, taxis, buses, BRIOs without any decorations but when it comes to choo-choos, we just NATURALLY have to see art work. Hey Cissy, can you go 10 minutes without spending other people’s money?

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    • skydiverr says:

      If you looked at her campaign Finance report and see who is giving her huge amounts of money and how much so far she has gathered for her campaign you will understand why spending our money means nothing to her.


      • Anonymous says:

        You’re right. She is owned by the club. Her opponents should just place advertisements that list her contributors.

        The big red flag on that linked page is that Svarzbein’s filing is missing. Why has he not reported.


    • Anonymous says:

      Tax, waste, spend, tax some more is all these people know or do. THEY don’t REPRESENT US, THEY only REPRESENT themselves, the people who put money in their pockets, pay them off. THEY are only there to “Take” and do nothing for US. Their little trolley car project has blown off, will blow off MILLIONS TAXPAYER$$$$ to operate, maintain and for what? Just to say that El Taxo has “One”. Not ONE of these people should ever be re-elected ever again. Kick them out, let them all go get real jobs. Fast food, car wash, building rock walls.


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