Chasing a wild goose

There is talk in some circles about impeaching our new supreme court justice.

Our constitution allows him to hold office “during good behavior”.

In our nation’s history we have never had a case where a supreme court justice was brought up on impeachment charges for behavior allegedly committed before taking office.

The question of whether a justice can be impeached and convicted for actions committed before taking office is thus an open one.

In a practical sense however the chances of removing a justice for past acts has little chance of success.

Firstly a majority of the members of the house of representatives would have to vote to impeach.

Then a trial would occur in the senate and would require 60 out of 100 votes in order to convict.

Then, because the process could be challenged, our supreme court might vote to hear the case.

Would the sitting justices allow themselves or future justices to be exposed to politically motivated removal?  I doubt it.

Judicial independence from political movements is a cornerstone of our system.

We deserve better


19 Responses to Chasing a wild goose

  1. John Dungan says:

    Sadly, I fear you are right. The real problem is that he and the one before him (gorsuch?), along with every other appointee of that deplorable wannabe nazi in the white house, need to be tossed out when the election of 2016 is declared null and void due to Russian interference.


    • The Oracle says:

      They would need to go to a Russian Restaurant to find any more Russians.
      Every election, there is ALWAYS Russian or Chinese interference. They promote who ever they want.
      The US does it too. Dropping flyers into countries to get the people to vote another way, or to Rise Up against the government.
      Many countries meddle in other’s elections.
      Nothing new there.
      Obama KNEW about the Russian Interference and meddling and said . . . Nothing . . . . while it was going on.
      I guess Hillary should have had the Russians back her, so she could win ?


    • JerryK says:

      Millions of Russians voted in 2016. Really, no one voted for Trump.

      If you actually believe that, then you’ll believe that millions of Chinese dollars also funded the Clintons.


  2. Anonymous says:

    To me, this is what is fundamentally wrong with the Democrat party right now. They are screaming impeach and resist instead of recognizing that this President will compromise to get workable solutions to the issues killing the middle class. Case in point, Amazon raised it minimum wage to $15/hr last week. It wasn’t because of the fight for $15. It was because Unemployment is so low retail has to pay higher wages to attract people. If Dems had compromised on workable immigration reform, the Dreamers would have a permanent path to citizenship. Instead they killed that deal and are trying to preserve catch and release which encourages more families to either drag their kids up here on a dangerous journey or hand their kids to narco traffickers to get them up here. Immigration reform with strong borders would shorten lines for those who wanted to come here legally and there would be provisions for folks who migrate to work in industries like agriculture who depend on those workers—they’d just be documented and those employers would have follow workplace safety and labor laws that are easier to ignore when your workforce is afraid to report violations. The bottom line is that a Dem party that wanted to work for the American people instead of just doing nothing for anyone except their big donors and masking that with ideological arguments that do not improve opportunities one iota for anyone could actually win voters back. A good economy helps everyone. The fight for 15 was an admission that a good economy wasn’t in their agenda. Look how wrong they were on that.


    • John Dungan says:

      It is truly mind boggling to see how twisted some news has become. I, for one, have seen no signs of your guy – or his party – being willing to compromise on anything. We’ve all seen him flip flop more than once, but that is a different thing. As for Amazon raising its minimum wage, it seems to me that the stories I read about that indicated an inevitable catch to the whole deal. As for outsiders owning Beto, where the hell did you get that idea? His funding is NOT from groups, like the Greed Over People candidates, but from individuals! Don’t you read or listen to the news at all?! It bothers you to think that majority of Americans voted for Hillary? So, that means – in your mind – that you don’t believe in majority rules? Tough.


      • The Oracle says:

        The MAJORITY . . voted for Hitler also.
        The MAJORITY at the Horse Race Track . . .LOSE.
        The MAJORITY of the people . . . know NOTHING.
        Ever watch Jay Leno’s . .”Jay Walking”, talking to the regular person on the street ?
        Same thing.


      • Anonymous says:

        So you are saying that the 38 MILLION$$$ that O’Rourke took in last quarter was NOT from George Soros organizations, the Clinton, Obama Foundations, Liberal, Socialist organizations across the country and Foreign?? People just trying to BUY this election for O’Rourke, ALL Democrats? That MILLIONS and MILLIONS of INDIVIDUAL donors, nickels, dimes, 5, 10 dollars at a time, adds up to 38 MILLION$$$$ over only 3 months? And you really expect people to believe your fantasy. Okay, okay..I have some beach front property just South of Phoenix that I will sell you, these 30-40 MILLION “Individual donors”, over ONLY 3 months, at a very cheap price. Just think of it. Sand, blue waves, sea shells, cabanas, just South of Phoenix. 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    This is just the radical Socialist-Democrats pimping for votes. They are not intelligent enough to get it done, nor would they be able to do it. Get rid of the Electoral College? So that THEY can take elections, candidates away from the people. The states with the most people, most Democrat/Republican voters decide who gets elected. So every election California, Texas, Florida decide WHO represents US. So yes, California, Oregon, New Mexico, Washington DC, New York would have FORCED Hillary Clinton on America. And now Bob O’Rourke is being BOUGHT by people OUTSIDE Texas. DEMOCRATS, radicals, radical rich, the BILLIONAIRES. George Soros does not even know where Texas, El Paso is, but that does not keep him, Hollywood, others from trying to BUY the election for O’Rourke. He’s for sale. What will HE OWE the RICH and FAMOUS?? HE promises to get rid of I.C.E. , Border Patrol, no walls, open borders, Impeach President Trump, Justice Kavanaugh. “Police are all RACIST. They stop, arrest and SHOOT ALL people who are not WHITE”.. That’s O’Rourke. Texas, OUR votes, NOT for SALE to this lying racist.


    • anonymous says:

      Do you feel better now that you got all that out of your system?


      • Anonymous says:

        Do you feel better just standing around, smiling, being GULLIBLE, suspecting nothing? 🙂 Think that would be a “Fair” system to let the state with the biggest populations decide every election??


        • anonymous says:

          You lose all credibility when you put quotes around something when it is not what the person said. O’Rourke did not say: “Police are all RACIST. They stop, arrest and SHOOT ALL people who are not WHITE”. And for someone who is so concerned about Texas politicians getting money from sources outside the state, you conveniently overlook all the money being funneled to Cruz from special interests outside of Texas.


          • Charles R. Dickerson says:

            Apparently, you don’t have a TV, because that’s  exactly what the pretend  Hispanic said.  He’s as “Hispanic” as Elizabeth Warren is American Indian .    Hispanics should be insulted that HE is trying to pimp THEM for votes.   Why do Democrats always have to PRETEND to be what they are not?  Just fantasy or that’s all they’ve got.  Pretending to be something else, anything else.   You lose all credibility when you pretend to know what you are taking about.  


  4. Get Real says:

    “Judicial independence from political movements is a cornerstone of our system.”

    That doesn’t mean the court doesn’t sometime act and rule in a partisan manner.


  5. Off Topic Question says:

    Is there not a policy preventing the use of EPISD facilities for political rallies? If not, who is footing the bill for utilities, staffing, security, repair of damaged gym floors, etc. I question the use by either party and regardless whether it is for local, state or national campaigns.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Democrats are the party of hate, always have been, haven’t changed to date.

    Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan, enacted Jim Crow legislation, segregation laws, etc. A Democrat killed the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln. A Democrat killed the Republican black activist Martin Luther King, Jr. A Democrat stood in the doorway of a major US college in order to stop a black girl from attending. The people in famous March on Selma was attacked by a Democrat Governor, the Democrat Sheriff and the Democrat police chief. Not by words but by police batons, attack dogs, etc.

    These are facts. Democrats have always been the party of hate. When they lose they go scorched earth, because they only care about themselves. If that is what you are about, by all means vote Democrat. Go read the history of Mr. Dungan’s posts to see what being a Democrat is all about, hating. Lying about people you don’t like or disagree with is hate, however you wish to characterize the constant mantra of negativity.

    That’s what the Democrat party has to offer you, more hate, more divisiveness, more Antifa, more uncorroborated accusations, etc., etc. Plain old, everyday hatred.


    • Anonymous says:

      Someone should tell Mr. Dungan that Nazi’s were socialists, and that they actually killed millions of people. Trump, on the other hand, isn’t a socialist and I don’t think he has killed anyone.

      John F. Kennedy wrote a glowingly about Adolf Hitler.

      Kennedy wrote in his diary in 1945:

      “You can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived,”

      “He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him,”

      “He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.”


    • Equal Disdain says:

      Your post is filled with the same negative, hatefulness that you profess to oppose and that you claim exists only among Dems. Your Republican party is no different. The GOP just grabbed the baton of bigotry from pre-1970s Dems when racist southerners felt disenfranchised by the Kennedys and LBJ. The real truth is that neither party is a point of pride or anything to defend. When you have the current GOP in North Dakota passing new legislation to block Native Americans from voting and you have a Republican Secretary of State, who is running for governor while using his office to suppress non-white voters, the GOP doesn’t look so virtuous and democratic. The modern scorched earth approach to politics became accepted SOP because of George HW Bush and W’s tactics while running 41’s campaign. W even used racist whistle calls against McCain in South Carolina, alleging McCain had an illegitimate Black daughter. Those are just three examples of GOP nastiness. Keep riding your high horse of self-righteousness. I would be perfectly okay if both parties imploded.


    • Counterpoint says:

      No haters in the GOP camp? How about the Republicans aligning with the Proud Boys?


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