Young voters

It should not be a surprise that EPISD has been working to get their students who are old enough to vote registered as voters.

The penny swap election will affect the district.

Maybe one of our readers can tell us what their student was told by the school about the pro’s and con’s of the issue.

We deserve better




9 Responses to Young voters

  1. Anonymous says:

    It should not be legal for schools to encourage children to vote when the school has any interest whatsoever in the outcome.


    • Jeff says:

      Just like EPISD lobbyists encouraging folks over 65 to go ahead and vote for bond issues and such “because it won’t effect your tax bill anyway”.


      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, but Jeff, most of us in that age group are smart enough to have voted no to that bond anyway because we saw how fiscally irresponsible it was. Kids will believe more money helps education.


        • Have a Little Faith in Young People says:

          If as you say 18-year-olds are ignorant and irresponsible and incapable of casting a vote, why do we send them off to fight wars and die for their country and allow them to drink alcohol, drive cars, own guns, and go in debt for student loans? There are plenty of dumb, uninformed senior citizens. Some of them post here.


          • Anonymous says:

            First off, we no longer have a draft and haven’t since the 70s. There is still registration but those who choose to serve, do so because they chose that career. Most states have laws now that prohibit drinking until 21, because a drinking age of 18 was causing too much teenage alcohol abuse. And as far as student loan debt goes, that is evidence of immaturity. When you see a student loan as free money and spend more than you can repay easily with a job in your degree field you are fiscally irresponsible. My employer paid for my Master’s degree. It was hard to work full time and do 20 hours a week of grad school at night for a year and a half, but I had no loan to pay back afterwards. But hey, I’m old and understand where seeing loans as free money gets you. Their are still opportunities like that out there if you look around, particularly in manufacturing. And there are a lot of lower cost job training programs that offer a path to a livable wage without college.


  2. Old Fart says:

    The same thing was done, in a very public manner by some of the local, vocal politicos, when YISD held its last bond election. So the parents of those YISD students should certainly not complain when they get their yearly property tax bill.


    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s not forget YISD then turned around and used a state program to lower the bond cost to its taxpayers. EPSID chose not to take advantage of that option.


  3. frater jason says:

    Pretty sure this is a basic tenet of high school civics: register to vote if you have attained your majority.

    If the school is encouraging kids to take any particular position then I would object to that.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Episd, i’m sure gave only the PROs for this (that which benefits THEM)…. The only CONS are the episd admin!!!!


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