Vote now

If you did not participate in early voting please go vote right now.

We deserve better

but we won’t get it unless we take charge


4 Responses to Vote now

  1. Anonymous says:

    Remember Rich Wright District 8 and John Hogan District 5 don’t seem to be donor owned and want to cut this pattern of overspending. Imagine if City Council had a couple of folks who questioned COs, project overruns and whether we still needed an arena. The only way donors lose is if we identify and vote for the guys who aren’t are their payroll (and aren’t activist nutcases who just want to spend more on something else).


  2. Anonymous says:

    In El Paso, you have to think. “Did this person, WILL this person REPRESENT US”?? Are they just go along, get along and will vote to increase OUR TAXES at every opportunity? Just tax, waste, spend, tax some more? If my City Rep were running for re-election, he would get a NO from me. Have ANY of THEM, trying to get re-elected done ANYTHING at all for US?? They think when THEY increase OUR taxes, THEY are doing it for US. THEY sell US out to each other, big business, whoever. If YOU were not doing a GOOD JOB would your boss keep YOU? If you have an employee(City, County Rep) that does not do a GOOD JOB, are YOU going to keep THEM, give THEM a PAY RAISE? TODAY is OUR one vote, no Electoral College, just YOU and ME with ONE vote, telling THEM what WE like, what WE want from THEM. If you think something is not RIGHT with your vote, your voting machine, let a poll worker know. This is important.


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