Disagreeing politely

I write this note before the polling places close.

I hope that regardless of the outcome we can return to civility in our discourse.

We deserve better


15 Responses to Disagreeing politely

  1. Anonymous says:

    the more appropriate grammar would be that you hope democrats can return to civility. it also wouldn’t hurt if they disbanded Antifa and start allowing conservative speakers at universities. in the meantime, conservatives should, each and every one, get concealed weapon permits and stop allowing democrats to spray bear mace in their faces and to be hit with sticks and other weapons. democrats should also stop attacking people wearing hats and shirts that they don’t agree with. being bullies should be a hazardous endeavor


    • The Oracle says:

      The “LIKE” button requires me to Sign In again and then it says that I do not have an “account.”
      (That’s WHY there are so few “likes” on these pages.)

      But, I agree with Anonymous there.
      The Republicans do not riot, loot and damage cars, block highways and throw rocks and bottles and scream and hit Democrats for voting or for wearing clothing that says “Hillary” or “Bernie” or “Obama.”

      I also haven’t seen any Republicans scream at Senators in elevators or restaurants.

      There is only ONE PARTY that has been doing that and is uncivil.

      Republicans cannot post signs in their yards or have bumper stickers for their party without risk of getting their house or car damaged. Like living in a Secret Society and no one can know.

      Even flying an American Flag is now risky as it denotes patriotism
      and therefore at risk for having their home burned to the ground.

      That gal . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York WON last night as her district is 90% of color, and her opponent was white.
      Her district only voted based on color, . . . her color.
      Her ideas as so far off base even for a Democrat.
      Get rid of ICE and law enforcement.
      Free college for anyone.
      Free health care for everyone.
      Open borders. No country any longer.

      With no concept about HOW to pay for any of it.

      We see what is going on.


    • Give It a Break says:

      Out of respect for Brutus’ wishes, I am not going to respond except to say that until both sides accept responsibility for their own incivility and bad behavior, we do not have a chance in hell of finding common ground and making real progress.

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      • The Oracle says:

        Please let us know where the news articles are that describe the incivility of Republicans.
        Please let us know.
        I have combed the internet for months looking at news.
        I watch 3 different cable news outlets.
        I can’t find it. We need to know !


        • John Dungan says:

          OMG! Brutus’ call is for our interactions right here, with each other, not for anybody to jump out and ask for news reports of what we all have seen and been a part of! And, if you have been watching three networks, how the hell did you miss donnie’s name calling, his inciting of his followers to hurt, attack, maim, and otherwise harm others? If his behavior has not been incivil, then I don’t know what would qualify!

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        • frater jason says:

          Sir, I suggest zealots of either tribe wouldn’t recognize incivility in their in-group even if it grabbed them by the p[art]y.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely!! We can only hope!


  3. Rich Wright says:

    There is plenty of blame on both sides. Those deranged people who shoot up synagogues and churches lean to the starboard. We need to stop demonizing the other team, and all pull together. The divisiveness is counterproductive.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    In the spirit of civility, I’d like to congratulate the Democrats on zero acts of violence at or near the polls. I also noticed that none of the GOP rallies seemed to have any of the paid and sometime violent demonstrations that seemed to be a fixture in 2016. Again, kudos to Dem restraint. It is also great that GOP candidates and government officials have gone several weeks with no restaurant harassment. I believe all those examples represent demonstrators who were “community organized” into those activities and see the absence of this activity a sign of a new direction in Dem tactics that is very positive. I hope both parties are now able to work together and compromise. This election in everywhere but El Paso should have taught us one big thing: the American people want us to find ways to work together to solve major issues. There was record voter out on both sides. Folks weren’t voting for another two years of gridlock and political intrigue. Sadly, here in El Paso we seem to have re-elected donor owned candidates in most cases and given them a big raise. Hopefully, the run-offs can still change that a little.


    • frater jason says:

      > In the spirit of civility, I’d like to congratulate the Democrats on zero acts of violence at or near the polls.

      Well, that didn’t take long.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    I think the point that everyone misses is this. Angry mobs don’t suddenly start behaving well. Angry paid mobs disappear when the money stops. There will always be nutcases that commit individual acts of violence from time to time and sadly aren’t controllable, but the sudden disappearance of Antifa from the political scene tells me someone looked at the polls and cut off the money. Yes, Trump is abrasive and likes to punch back too hard when someone takes a shot at him, but as far as I can neither he or the GOP or any of the GOP’s big donors are organizing mobs of people to specifically fuel violent protests. I believe the Dems (or Soros) were. I do applaud the fact that after the Cruz episode, those folks seemed to totally disappear. I hope that restraint continues.


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