Robbing our schools and hospital

The land (for the water park deal)  that the city is trading so that it can give it away for $1,000 per year with a $10,000 buy out was formerly owned privately and was taxed around 54 thousand dollars a year by the city,  $29 thousand a year by the county,  $98 thousand a year by the Canutillo independent school district, $9,000 a year by our community college and $16,307 yearly by our county hospital.  The total comes to $188 thousand each year.

Now that the city owns the land those taxes go away.


If the land is actually worth the $18.6 million that we are told the owner wants the tax situation would be different.  The annual taxes would be $597,686.00.

Because the city has assumed ownership of the land, and thus the land cannot be assessed property taxes, the other entities are going to lose money also.

Using the claimed $18.6 million figure the Canutillo district will lose $284,580 per year for the ten years that the city will own the land.

The city tells us that homeowners pay a disproportionate part of the property tax (compared to businesses and industries) and then go right ahead and throw away a piece of property that would pay almost $600,000 a year.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Robbing our schools and hospital

  1. The Oracle says:

    Does no one EXPLAIN this to them ?

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    • John Dungan says:

      Do you really think it would make a difference if someone did explain all of this to them? They do not care because it is not their money. It will likely come from our grandchildren. Well, at least those who are not smart enough to get the hell outta Dodge, that is. This is like trying to reason with your wife when she’s gone over budget yet again for that new pair of shoes she did not really need.

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      • Anonima says:

        Your first four sentences are fine, but how about not adding the slam against “your wife?”


      • anon says:

        You could just easily said it’s like a woman trying to reason with her husband who bought another golf club, gun, or new truck that he didn’t really need.


      • Silvia Merjil-Fritz says:

        John Dungan, it is no longer acceptable to use perceived men’s opinions of what women supposedly do. I thank you to use an example of a man’s spending.


      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, remember when Dee Margo was complaining residential property appraisals weren’t rising as fast as he thought they should? Bottom line, City Council just see homeowners as deep pockets to fund their gifts to donors.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, CAD will raise appraisals and make that up fast.

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  3. Insanity says:

    They’re not throwing it away. They’re giving it away. They’re borrowing money to buy one asset using our money, trading that asset for a different asset, and then giving away our asset and the tax revenue stream, while we’re still continuing to pay for the asset.

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  4. Dan Wever says:

    And we just gave them a large raise and are still considering leaving them in office for another term. Who is stupid here?


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