Poor attendance

The citizen’s bond advisory committee for the EPISD bond issue is having attendance problems.

It looks like the group is doing the right thing and is starting to replace members who don’t show up for meetings.

These people have a responsibility to us citizens.  Those who cannot attend regularly should resign and get out of the way.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Poor attendance

  1. Mike Schwartz says:

    Brutus, I believe the problem is much deeper. the CBAC is continually told they are “advisory: in nature. However they are supposed to be an oversight committee for the district voters, residents of EPISD, faculty and students. They receive outdated information, incomplete decisions, and plans that have already been changed numerous times. The feeling is they are a rubber stamp, to be used when citizen complaints or questions arise. I have already heard from the older CBAC they were used when entities complained about the progress and scope of work being done along the lines of “Administration spokesperson: Your CBAC oversaw this project and found nothing out of the ordinary.” Seems teh members of this new CBAC are tired of being left in the dark while deals are being made between CAC and various board members. Why serve if nothing they do or say is being acted upon.


    • Anonima says:

      Similar problems with other “advisory” boards…the city’s Open Space Advisory Board is pure greenwashing, has zero power and no one from the city other than an assistant lawyer ever attends. I used to go as a member of the public to show support but finally realized it was a waste of however many hours I have left in my lifetime, and any show of public support for OSAB just helped fuel the pretense that it mattered.


    • chico says:

      Mike, I think your right. The original planning committee for the bond was similarly a rubber stamp approach, per members of the committee.


      • Mike Schwartz says:

        In 96 while working for Ernst & Young Technologies, a group of us were assigned an in depth, dawn to dusk education in construction technology, telecommunication requirements, and build out requirements. After 6 days a week, 8 weeks we probably could hold our own. I supervised and personally oversaw at least 22 major projects, including things like wiring closets, how many pair of wire going into a building and so on. There is a cert for all that. Fast forward to 2016 bond. At first the principal assigned me to the campus committee, but when I started asking questions the EPISD coordinator asked the principal to pull me off as I was “slowing them down”. I know two of the architects fro EY days. I talked to them and their concern was they were being rushed into this and then finding that even the STATE had regs and rules for school construction. I believe every one on th CBAC was selected for a patsy.

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      • Mike Schwartz says:

        These are the rules, and a lengthy read it is, for new and reconstructed schools. From what I have seen of the architectural drawings none of them are complying either.

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  2. Jud Burgess says:

    LOL Sam Morgan is listed as only having shown up to 3 meetings. How’s that for commitment to our children’s education? And being on City Council is no excuse for not showing up.

    A hearty thanks to Ana Elena Allen for being the only one to show up to every meeting.


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