EPISD bond personnel changes at the top

We are seeing troubling signs over at EPISD related to the bond issue.

The executive director for bond projects has resigned.

The project leader for Jacobs Engineering (the firm handling much of the bond money) has resigned.

The citizens bond advisory committee is pushing for more and different bond management.

We deserve better



7 Responses to EPISD bond personnel changes at the top

  1. ripper1951 says:

    Maybe it’s just me. Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria (CAC) wants total control over the bond as well. I realize she is regarded by some delusional types as the Holy Immaculate when it comes to finance and accounting, but so far I have been underwhelmed by her power grabs. Now she wants an individual who will report to her as the owner’s agent, but will be a contractor not an EPISD employee. She also want ANOTHER firm possibly GAFCON to also be an owner’s agent. The PM from Jacobs quit because there were too many conflicting orders and changes from too many “chiefs”. He saw disaster looming- and Jacobs will be held liable by EPISD when it all comes crashing down. The EPISD Executive Director quit because CAC and the BOARD was hiring someone else to do his job. Come on folks. Three quarters of a billion dollars in bond money is about to be blown on athletic equipment, astro turf and building a new HQ and at best there will be minor upgrades done in a couple of schools. There is no transparency about what is happening and that’s why the CBAC is sparsely attended. They realize the public will try to hold them accountable for this cluster-flock.

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    • Dan Wever says:

      I do not believe the new HQ has anything to do with bond money. The only connection I can see is that Jacobs brought an architectural firm with them when the got the main job and this firm was awarded the new HQ building. They probably financed the building with separate bonds issued by the EPISD without public approval.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Fleeing a “sinking ship” or fleeing with OUR money??


  3. Anonima says:

    Yawn…So El Paso. The woman who “underestimated” the cost of projects like the “arena” (according to Mayor TweedleDee) while running City finances was rewarded for that by moving over to EPISD to control those finances. And we are surprised that staff are running for the exits?? Meantime Joyce Wilson sits in her DwnTwn office on the public payroll – ya suppose she has any regrets?


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