A local newspaper

I stopped by a restaurant for breakfast the other day and observed three different people reading newspapers.

As it turned out they were reading El Diario.

One of the clues was the number of pages in the newspaper.

Another was the length of the articles.

Many of us would subscribe to an English language version of El Diario.

We deserve better


10 Responses to A local newspaper

  1. The Oracle says:

    Ooh . . . . Then we could read ALL of the news without the bias of those that Had the City Hall blown up to build a baseball stadium and forced City Hall to BUY the El Paso Times building for more than it was worth to use AS . .. El Paso City Hall and purchase and rent other buildings FROM the same person(s) that CAUSED the City Hall to be destroyed. (Paul Foster and his gang)
    The El Paso Times has to be careful not disclosing all of the tricks Foster is pulling to get more special deals from the City of El Paso, that the El Paso Property Tax Payers are having to pay for.
    As well as one sided coverage of political events.

    I dont think El Diario has any dogs in the race, or financial ties to Paul Foster and his gang, so should be fair reporting.

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    • Reality Checker says:

      If you think Foster’s wife’s family doesn’t have pull with El Diario, you’re sadly mistaken.


      • The Oracle says:

        You are right !
        She and her family made their money in the “Grocery Business” I hear.
        Yeah . . . sure . . .
        Millions and millions and millions. . . in the “Grocery Business” in Juarez.


  2. The Oracle says:

    Most newspaper racks in stores and ON THE STREET sell El Diario rather than the El Paso Times.
    I know Mexico TV stations send reporters to all major news events around the world and show real and graphic scenes rather than cut them out for the snowflakes . .and “Children” who might be watching.

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  3. The Oracle says:

    There are Hand-Held Language Translators available RIGHT NOW, so that means . . . in the near future your TV will be able to Translate any program or NEWS on TV to YOUR selected language.
    The world is a change’n !


  4. Tom Busch says:

    Last time I checked the population was 85% hizpanic. Old white people are dropping like flies so we’re losing a lot of ground. The most popular sections of the EP Times are the horoscopes and the obituaries. If you’re an old white guy and still don’t habla the lingo then I suggest you go back to burning stump Mississippi and hang out with your cousins.


    • Anonymous says:

      I am an old white guy and have lived here all my life except when I was overseas in the service. I still do not speak Spanish but learned just one bit of it that got me through the rough spots when I was younger. The saying? Donde esta su hermana? 🙂

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  5. Rich Wright says:

    These days, newspapers survive one of two ways: improving their product to surpass the competition, i.e, providing more value to consumers; or finding rich patrons to prop them up. Guess which route the El Paso Times chose?


  6. Anonima says:

    The problem El Diario has here is that a very large part of the Hispanic population cannot read Spanish; they’d sell much more if they did publish in English. This is gradually changing, but not fast enough…


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