Is the Times a newspaper?

It looks to me like it is official now.

We no longer have a daily English language newspaper in El Paso.

As you know there were two city council runoff elections in El Paso last Saturday.

The Sunday paper made no mention of the results.

This is probably because much of the work of publishing the Times has been moved out of town.

Evidently they can no longer bring us the daily news.

The local events that they cover are written about some days after they occur.

We do get to read their opinions disguised as reporting.


We deserve better



7 Responses to Is the Times a newspaper?

  1. John Dungan says:

    And, local television news is just a revolving door (except for Estela) for bright young people on the way to somewhere else. Now, don’t get me wrong. Just because I refer to them as ‘bright’ does not mean they are capable of putting together a complete sentence, or of demonstrating any ability to function as journalists.

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    • frater jason says:

      I spent a couple hours around the new guy at 7, Erik Elken. Smart guy, interested and perceptive. They may be using him as a talking head but he could do more. Don’t know how long before a bigger market headhunts him.


  2. Robb Chavez says:

    Not only that, but Gannett recently shut
    down the Silver City Sun-News, the offshoot of the Las Cruces Sun News. Whether the Times is still run by Gannett, or not, these major newspaper conglomerates are more & more rejecting local news coverage, & focusing exclusively on regional & national ad buys.

    The Times may be an extreme case of editorial neglect, but it’s far from unique in its abdication of all but the most high profile news. If El Diario were smart, they would add English pages to their El Paso edition.

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  3. chucogeek says:

    Eh, I don’t bother with the dead tree edition of the Times but I remembered seeing a story about the runoff this weekend. A quick search of their website and it looks like they had a reasonably in depth story written by Aaron Martinez up by 7:09pm Dec 15, 2018. They’ve also updated it as of 4 days ago.

    I don’t know that they had a story in the Sunday edition of the Times, but they had one available early enough that it could have been in there so I’m inclined to suspect that maybe you just didn’t see it and maybe the issue is one of not making it a front page (or at least front page of a section) story. Unfortunately that might just be because they gauged that no one really cared that much about it (and judging by the voter turnout I don’t know that they were wrong to think that)

    End of the day I think the big issue for a lot of the things you bring up isn’t that “we deserve better” it’s actually that as a community our apathy is so bad that we really don’t. People don’t care to go out and vote, people don’t care to show up at public meetings, people don’t care to get to know their city reps. Is it any wonder that some of the shady things that seem to happen here keep happening here? Some of those things might not even be entirely shady they might just be the result of reps hearing from interested parties and not really hearing coherent opposition from anyone else.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Last time I subscribed to the Times was about two years ago. Finally gave in to the phone calls and took weekends only. Every weekend was the same, one day or the other or every day. The paper wasn’t delivered. So it was spend hours on the phone, talking to a RECORDING, trying to get the papers. Sometimes they brought a paper, mostly they didn’t. And there was no use to call back AGAIN. No Writers, no Reporting, Reporters. All the Times really needs is one person to run a COPY machine. US Today, Washington Post, RE-PRINTS. LAST weeks “News”, today.


  5. Enough Already says:

    Stop beating a dead horse.


  6. ripper1951 says:

    Bright=appearing to have enough intelligence to walk without the bubble gum getting entangled with their shoelaces. El Paso=#1 in apathy in the World.

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