Glitter everywhere

Would anyone object if I proposed the banning of all glitter?


5 Responses to Glitter everywhere

  1. Rich Wright says:

    How about when you go over to your friend’s house, and you notice that he has glitter on his face?

    Is he wearing makeup? Did he just come back from a strip club? Does his wife know?

    Is he living a secret life?

    If you ban glitter, life loses some of it’s mystery. We need glitter, if only for the undeveloped back story.

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  2. The Oracle says:

    The world be less sparkly !

    Well, Las Vegas would be exempt !

    (You must have run out of titles of things to talk about El Paso.)


  3. Anonymous says:



  4. Anonymous says:

    Did someone pickup the wrong package from someone else’s porch?


  5. Anonymous says:



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