Sun Metro’s 2017 results

I was looking for the city’s 2018 comprehensive annual financial report and was only able to find the 2017 one.

I suppose that the new one will be out soon.

In the 2017 report I found this:

Sun Metro Mass Transit operating revenues decreased $676 thousand to $11.6 million primarily due to decreased revenues from fares.  Ridership has slipped as lower gas prices offer alternatives for transportation.  The sales tax subsidy increased $862 thousand.

Operating expenses increased $1.1 million to $80.1 million…

Fuel expense decreased $774 thousand..

Maintenance and repair decreased $985 thousand

Let’s recap

It cost $80 million to run the service.  They collected $11.6 million from their customers.

They lost customers.  They benefited from lower fuel prices.

Yet even after the fuel and repair savings they spend $1.1 million more.

We deserve better



7 Responses to Sun Metro’s 2017 results

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who in El Taxo believes that ANYTHING that the POLITICIANS here “Invest in, buy, are sold, do what is “best” for US” will actually be successful, , turn a profit, RETURN ANY money to the pockets of El Taxo TAXPAYERS, the PEOPLE???. THEY do what is BEST for big business, Developers, “Friends and Family” Contractors, their own pockets, campaign “Donations”. Billions$$$$ in debt that WE can never pay and THEY just keep buying, spending, wasting, increasing taxes, wasting. That is what THEY do to US.


  2. Doomed from the Start says:

    If as the city wants you to believe, El Paso is indeed attracting more higher-paying jobs, people who once could not afford personal vehicles are now able to buy one. They no longer need the bus.

    Brio was doomed from the start because very few people live or work within walking distance of the Brio line. Even people who might like to take the bus, can’t easily do so. If you live off the main line, you have to add the time to walk to your closest bus stop, the wait time, the walk from your next stop to a Brio stop, the wait time, etc. Who has that much time?


    • Anonymous says:

      It’s like everything else THEY tell US, expect US to believe. Up Northeast, the big double buses, ALL the buses are virtually empty.. One, maybe two people riding, early evenings, at night, lights on with a driver. Like everything else THEY tell us taxpayers. “Profits, income”, lies , fabrications. Nothing is ever as they say, what it seems. Ball parks, Arenas, Developments, Contractors. Always the same with Margo, the Clown Council. Lies, half-truths, deception, fabrication.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Rumor has it that the city has terminated the First Transit contract early (May 2019). Was supposed to end in November 2019. I do not see that it went out for bid at all. Since they manage Sun Metro, what does that say about their performance, or lack there of?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Dude, there are other reasons for the ridership going down. The Go10 project doesn’t help when a 20 minute ride takes over an hour. Sun Metro isn’t meant to make money. Its for those who don’t have or can’t afford a vehicle or get a ride. Considering all the added expenses and costs not mentioned, the loss is considered acceptable.


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