The Times gets it right

The Times published a good article about the city’s giveaway program for the proposed waterpark.

Is the Times taking the gloves off with the city?

We deserve better


5 Responses to The Times gets it right

  1. Tom Busch says:



  2. The Raging Chihuahua says:

    The Times now has the accuracy rate of a broken clock. l’m impressed! Given the fact that l’m one of the few people in this town that actually pays a decent amount of attention to what’s going on locally means that l already knew about this financial disaster awhile ago. Aren’t the first three letters in ‘news’, n e w? Oh wait a minute. The times on their website have just reported that it’s OVER!!! Yes, it’s OVER!!!!! The Japanese have surrendered!!!!!!!


  3. Anonima says:

    Notice that the Great Wolf guy in the photo sports a smirk, as well he should. Ms. Herrerra looks somewhat pained – maybe because the City’s lies are being exposed, even momentarily? But she doesn’t have to worry, OUR taxes will pay for this “mistake.”


  4. Anonymous says:

    That would be truly amazing IF The Times actually went that direction. For years, their has been no actual “Writers, Reporters”. Just people at The Times running copy machines, producing stories, articles from USA Today, Washington Post, etc. The only “Original” Reporting is stories like, “Uncle Joe and Aunt Suzie from Van Horn, visited their Son in El Paso this week. They went by Cielo Vista and The Fountains. Wanted to go downtown, but it was closed. They are expected to return to Van Horn on Sunday.” I think that Times was never “allowed” to do any crime, corruption reporting on local politicians, Public Officials. Never ALLOWED to write, do opinions, never OPPOSE politicians. Never ALLOWED to tell voters the TRUTH about any local politician, ie: These people are crooks…”. No stories about the Mayor, Council, Commissioners, waste, tax, spend, give away, tax some more. And still FAILURE to put Police on the streets, because “they cost too much”. So later, The Times might get to be worth another “Read”.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always felt the Times gave the County a pass while it went after the City.


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