Bring up your topic for consideration

Once again it is open line Saturday.

Sound off!


10 Responses to Bring up your topic for consideration

  1. John Dungan says:

    I would just like to say that I hope Beto’s celebration outdraws donnie’s by a yuge margin. And, since I mentioned that, what do y’all think about what that man said about our city being violent?


    • The Raging Chihuahua says:

      Since you’re asking for my opinion, l find it interesting that you failed to mention that “that man” then went on to say that E.P. is one of the safest cities.


      • Anonymouse says:

        He “went on to say that” in the context of a lie and a dishonest sales pitch.

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        • ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

          No one is even talking about the wall or as you like to put it, the “dishonest sales pitch.” Brah, ease up on the appletinis because you even misspelled your own fake name. You must be the cheap, carbon copy version of the original Anonymous. Now there’s a new. permanent anonymous sheriff in town, and it’s spelled all in caps. Not only can l fight fire with more fire, l can even fight stupidity with even more stupidity. Sincerely……….


    • Refuse to Use Name to Piss Off Dungan says:

      Dungan is triggered by Trump. Theme of this thread.

      Nothing to see here … move along.


  2. Anonymous says:

    How about the fact that at least according to KVIA, downtown merchants want the city to provide them with more total parking spaces that are free so they can compete with malls with large parking lots? When does our subsidizing of folks who think we need a thriving downtown end? And if we have to build a free parking facility, could we stop wasting money on mass transit that no one seems to use?


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