Executive session participants

Rich Wright over at elchuqueno.com wrote the other day about the city’s continuing use of executive session.

I don’t attend many city council meetings so I don’t know who goes into the executive sessions.

For those of you who do attend be on the lookout for who goes in.

Texas law only gives city council members the right to attend executive sessions.  The city attorney must also be present.

Note that the city council members have the right to attend and cannot be kept out unless the issue is about them.

On the other hand city council has the right to request the presence of any of the city officers or employees as long as their presence “is necessary to the matter under consideration”.

In other words the city officers and employees should only be in the meeting as long as it takes to discuss the particular subject that they are involved with.

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2 Responses to Executive session participants

  1. Tracy Lund says:

    I am surprised there are no comments on this subject. This was posted yesterday. I am not currently living in EP, but I grew up there and am returning this summer. I do not attend City Council meetings, but read the accounts of the meetings either at El Paso Times on line or on Facebook. The use of Executive Session by this current City Council is concerning and it seems the Attorney General should be investigating. They seem to use this option any time they need to discuss a topic whether it is appropriate or not. Are they hiding from the public? Seems when something comes up for vote, there is no discussion, everyone knows how they will vote and almost vote in lockstep with one another.


  2. Caution says:

    Think twice before you return here.


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