EPISD election deadline nearing

Dan Wever sent this in:

They like to make it a way before the election hoping nobody will run against the people now in office.  It works most of the time.

About the Board / May 4, 2019 Board of Trustees Election


Candidates have until Friday, February 15 to file for election.  The election will be held Saturday, May 9, 2019.

It would be nice is people would step forward and run.

We deserve better


6 Responses to EPISD election deadline nearing

  1. Anonymous says:

    We can always hope. Everybody on that Board now should be voted OUT. THEY don’t REPRESENT US, the people El Taxo. THEY only represent Cabrera and whatever HE wants, how ever much of OUR money he WANTS. This bunch now is no less corrupt than the Lorenzo Garcia era. HE went to prison for STEALING from US. Maybe a WORKING person who actually pays all these outrageous taxes, Cabrera’s outrageous salary, benefits? Are a Retiree on Social Security, who has only one PAY CHECK, that they have to learn how to stretch, spend wisely, save.


  2. Xavier Miranda says:

    Please keep in mind the most recent history and developments of EPISD:

    A cheating scandal wherein district and school administrators engaged in a scandal that ultimately resulted in over 100 students being denied an education.

    A democratically elected school board was removed, and the district was placed under Texas Education Agency supervision, with a Board of Managers being appointed. Under the leadership of Dee Margo, the Board of Managers extended a contract to current Superintendent Juan Cabrera to the tune of $500,000 a year (including benefits).

    Since 2014, Superintendent Juan Cabrera has spent $119 million on Curriculum and Instruction consultants; yet despite such a significant expenditure our TEA academic performance indicators have been decreasing. As an example, Supt. Cabrera contracted a consultant that was being paid $1500 a day.

    In 2016, EPISD was provided a $668.7 million bond, yet many projects have not commenced. Cost increases will result associated with labor, material, and the Trump tariffs. And while students are housed in dilapidated buildings and portables,Supt. Cabrera will be moving into Administrative Offices near Downtown that will cost us over $25 million dollars.

    School closures and consolidations will be herding 5 year olds with 14 year old students, into schools, increasing their populations to over one thousand. To exacerbate the issue, schools such as Zavala Middle School and Douglass Elementary have been identified as having high levels of toxic air due to their proximity to the International Bridge traffic and recycling plants.

    Mismanagement and lack of oversight have been issues impacting the Special Education Department. Subsequently, Federal agencies have identified close to $7 million that the district owes them.

    Just a few of the issues plaguing our district under the guidance of Superintendent Cabrera, as well as current and former Board Presidents Trent Hatch, Dori Fenenbock, and Dee Margo.

    We now have an opportunity to stop the exploitation of our children and the privatization of our public school system. Three trustees positions are up for election in the following feeder patterns:

    Franklin High School currently represented by Trent Hatch
    Coronado High School currently represented by Mickee Loweree
    Austin High School currently vacant

    Please do not assume that because two of these positions are on the West Side, that they will only benefit that area. On the contrary, authentic representation would advocate for the preservation of our entire public school system.

    We are currently gathering folks from various grassroots organizations that have advocated for community, in terms of environmental issues, transition to renewable energy, displacement and gentrification opposition, public space preservation, and stopping school closures. Entities seeking to profit by exploiting our community receive financial support provided by developers, fossil fuel proponents, and financial speculators, hence, the united effort.

    Please feel free to contact our group if you wish to assist with upcoming School Board Candidate Forums, and subsequent Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts.

    More information will be forthcoming once candidates finalize their intentions.

    Best Regards,

    Xavier Miranda
    El Paso Grassroots


  3. Javier wants HOV Lanes on Mesa says:

    This is about 30% correct. Much of it reprinted Ross Moore misinformation. Caveat Emptor!


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