Ysleta outperforms other districts

This graphic came from a recent EPISD finance and administration committee meeting.

Ysleta actually has a higher tax rate than EPISD.  YISD is at $1.455 per hundred while EPISD is at $1.31.  However they have been lowering it over the past five years.

We deserve better


2 Responses to Ysleta outperforms other districts

  1. Old Fart says:

    Don’t forget that YISD also gives local home owners an additional homestead exemption. The reason it was given to home owners a number of years ago, was because there were so many apartment buildings in the district.

    YISD homeowners always need to be alert, because at tax time there are some special interests, who would like to take that additional exemption away, and transfer those funds to other uses in YISD.


  2. Follow the Money says:

    Law enforcement should examine every contract or financial transaction voted on during Hatch’s tenure and look for ties between him and the people involved in those deals.


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