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13 Responses to Open line Saturday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Walls. Either they represent a legal property boundary or are immoral in their implementation. They cannot be both.


    • Dem Walls are Stoopid says:

      Saw this in the interwebs: “If walls are so good at keeping drugs out, explain how drugs get into prisons.”


      • Anonymous says:

        If brakes are intended to stop a car why have a gas pedal? Are the walls intended to keep drugs out of prisons or prisoners inside? Seems like a different purpose.


        • Anonymous says:

          lol, perfect response. these same people claiming walls don’t work should also be against police, since murder and rape are still a thing.


      • Anonymous says:

        by people betraying the legitimate system in place. if you are pro-crime then i guess that’s a cute analogy. otherwise, taking drugs into a prison is a crime, and prisons are full of criminals. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that criminals intent on doing crime will actually commit crimes.

        nothing stops every crime, but deterring factors decrease them significantly. leave every door of your house open for a year and see how many more people enter uninvited than when you keep them closed and locked.


  2. Just Maddoc says:

    Better still if you think walls are not important let me suggest that you take in the illegaligrsnt and house them with your family at your expense not mine.
    Let charity begin at your home.
    You pay for meds food lodging education clothing and everything else.
    You become their support


    • John Dungan says:

      Your comment reads just like a pro-lifer’s opinion. “Y’all can’t have an abortion, but I won’t help you raise that unwanted kid.” Nobody has asked you to support anybody! If you are christian, go read your Bible!


  3. Anonymous says:

    When facing thousands of folks who think the best way to enter this country is to rush across the border, strategic use of barriers can force multiply CBP. All that said, the reasons caravans keep forming to game our immigration system is because Congress is failing to address the issue. We need to close the loopholes and provide a fast work visa path for financial immigrants who have the skills our economy needs. We also need to turn away folks who aren’t employable or at some point our slums will look like the slums they are fleeing. Every industrialized country on the planet has gone to a merit based immigration system because they recognize that taking in folks who can’t succeed in their economy simply overloads their social welfare systems and burdens their hardworking citizens. We are migrating to higher levels of automation in minimally skilled jobs. Folks who coming from regions with 50% literacy rates with Mayan as first language are going to be struggling even in agricultural jobs. We should be working a lot harder on fixing a very broken immigration system.


    • JerryK says:

      Over 3,600 here in El Paso alone last week. That’s like a small town just moved in uninvited. Feed them, clothe them, medicate them, educate their kids, house them because they’re not living on the street. That is where homeless Americans live.


      • Rich Wright says:

        Most of he migrants released in El Paso are almost immediately sent to their sponsors in other parts of the country.


        • Anonymous says:

          If that is the case why did Annunciation House mention they were spending $50k a month at local hotels at their press conference a couple of months ago?


        • I Don't Think So says:

          They’re not “sent to their sponsors.” Hundreds are dropped on the streets of El Paso without any funds or means of transportation to get to their sponsors.


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