EPISD board

The EPISD board of trustees is a mess.

Of the seven elected positions two are currently unoccupied and a third is occupied by someone appointed by the board and not elected by the voters.

In the past cycle we have had two elected board members resign because they had higher political aspirations.  One member left to run for congress and another left to become a congressional staff member.  So much for the kids.  So much for keeping a promise.

A third member resigned because of residency issues.

We are left with three retired teachers and an executive working for a local not for profit.

The school superintendent runs the district.  The board is supposed to give the superintendent direction.

I hope the voters are careful in who they chose in the May election.

We deserve better


12 Responses to EPISD board

  1. ripper1951 says:

    I could be wrong. I may have bad information. Based upon all available sources, I do not think the superintendent runs the district. I do think one or two members of the BOT have been feeding him steering instructions. I do think a couple of outsiders who may have been on the Board of Managers are giving him rudder orders. I do believe a couple of individuals in administration are actually calling the shots, maybe more. There is TREMENDOUS resistance to change, which probably explains why the district is re-trying approaches that didn’t work 20 and 30 years ago. There is a pervasive attitude of blaming failure on the teachers when in fact they are only trying to carry out the various conflicting orders given by a variety of “mini-Me’s”. I think the folks from the BOT bailed because they didn’t want to be in the pilothouse when the vessel goes aground at flank speed.


  2. JerryK says:

    What districts are vacant? Being retired, I don’t have a dog in the fiasco that is EPISD but it sure looms large on my tax bill.


  3. anonymouse says:

    all of el paso local government is a mess


  4. Anonymous says:

    When Cabrera was hired he was the “feel good” guy who was supposed to make us feel better and recover from the scandal. Unfortunately, he had never run a school, much less a district. The plane was in the sky when he tried to make repairs. He brought in people from out of town and they ran the district into the ground. Saturday school is a great example of that. He ignored the charters coming into town and allowed Fenenbock to help them. Meanwhile district morale has reached an all time low. Teachers who had been with the district many years were told they were teaching ineffectively even when they weren’t. Teachers and employee voices have been ignored. Health care premiums have risen to a ridiculous level while teachers are told to do more with less. This while the superintendent made numerous questionable trips out of town flying first class. The district has no clear path.

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    • ripper1951 says:

      You forgot the part where they hired more and more Central Office folks at higher and higher salaries to tell the teachers they didn’t know what they were doing. Then they hired consultants and more software and hardware.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Much of what you say is true except for the reason for Cabrera’s hiring.
      There has been a war going on between the Education Reformers and Public Education for many years. Education Reformer is the people that want school choice, vouchers, and market-driven education. To achieve their goals it is necessary to weaken or destroy public education as we know it.
      When he was hired it made no difference that he was not a certified Superintendent as he was going to get all the Education Reform people available to help him turn the EPISD into a real Charter District.
      You only have to look at the companies and people he has used to do the Reform movements biding. The main problem with the new Education Reform is that it has a lot of Foundation money behind it. It seems that when people get rich and form Foundations they have all the answers to education. Bill Gates spent over 2 billion dollars trying to save our high schools and he got his head handed to him in a basket. But his #1 guy on the high school deal wrote the EPISD Strategic Action when Cabrera came to town. Cabrera also had the $1500 a day consultant that was helping convert the district.
      The main reason rich people and their Foundations want to kill Public Education is that this is the only area Unions are still strong in some states and they Hate Unions.


    • Publius says:

      What gets me is that no one is willing to stand up to Cabrera while he, and his cronies, run EPISD even deeper into the ground. Jefferson, Burges and another school all had leaders removed. Only to have that criminal Grace Runkles installed as interim principal? What a JOKE. How many other schools are being ruined by the people he appointed? How are Franklin and Coronado doing? Last I heard Coronado went from being a great school to being a mess in less than a year thanks to Cabrera and his flunkies.

      If I were an EPISD teacher I’d be suicidal having to work for those fools.


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