EPISD candidate forum

This came in from Xavier Miranda:

An invitation is extended for folks to attend our Community Education Forum for EPISD School Board Candidates. 
The role of potential school board members will determine whether our public education system is dismantled and handed over to those seeking to profit by exploiting our children. Consider the following issues addressed at the following links:
Event:   Community Forum for EPISD Board Candidates
Date:     Thursday, April 4, 2019
Time:    6 PM to 8 PM
Place:    McCall Neighborhood Center
        3231 Wyoming AV 79903 
The following individuals will be serving as panelists, and will convey issues and questions to the candidates:
Students:         El Paso high school area students
Parent:            Hilda Villegas of Familias Unidas del Chamizal
Parents:          Robert and Jennifer Ardovino
Community:   Amdada Flores and Anna Mares 
Teacher:          Xavier Miranda, teacher in EPISD
The following candidates have confirmed attendance:
Austin Feeder Pattern District 3:
Franklin Feeder Pattern District 6
Coronado Feeder Pattern District 7
Subsequent email reminders will include the format and general topics to be addressed.
Thank you for consideration given this invitation.
Best Regards,
Xavier Miranda
El Paso Grassroots

7 Responses to EPISD candidate forum

  1. John Hogan says:

    I must say that while I agree that we need to be informed and involved with our children’s education and the public school system, unless there is a proportional amount of competition from the private school sector, public schools will never improve. They have a captive source of funding called “taxpayers”. I would be totally in favor of a voucher system. But not JUST a voucher system that allows tax credits to those who send their children to private schools, but one that would include allowing the selection by those property owners who don’t have children to select schools/systems of their choice to receive up to 75% of their tax money un order to reward and promote the best of the best.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Proportional competition? Are you kidding there is no way the private schools can compete with public schools? They would not even know how to start with special education children. They would not have a clue as to how to treat and educate agnostic children and ones that cannot hear or walk. Are you aware that charter schools do not have to have certified teachers? Do you think it is important that the teachers are certified? Sorry but your words are nothing but sound bites from the Republican Education Reform people that want to privatize public education.


    • Ditto says:

      What Dan said.


    • Anonymous says:

      Every one of the listed “panelists” are community activists. Why were they chosen to “convey” questions? Who chose them? This stacking the deck approach by so-called public education is an affront to taxpaying citizens.


  2. chico for the chicos en el chuco says:

    Any input on candidates is appreciated. We need to find the best folks and turn out to vote.


  3. I remember EPISO says:

    Reminds me of when EPISO used to have “Candidate forums.” Same crowd. Was used to make the incumbent feel uncomfortable. Anyone that didn’t show up was a “chicken.” Started out with good intentions but ended up being a soundbox of complaints and a bitch session. I suppose it made people feel good, and it made the priests that organized it neighborhood heroes for the moment.


    • Dan Wever says:

      I remember EPISO says,
      Yes I remember them. Questions had to be answered Yes or No. When I ran for school trustee they asked me if I favored abortion. I told them not is Middle or Elementary schools and they got pissed so I left.


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