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  1. John Dungan says:

    I’d say that we might benefit from more discussion about UTEP’s new leader. Judging by the number of comments posted this past week, following Brutus’ small post, maybe there are still some opinions unexpressed? Personally, I am bothered by the lady’s past voting history, by the fact that she is more representative of New Mexico than our direct area, and by this continuation of evidently not looking closer to home for Dr. Natalicio’s replacement, such as promotion from within. Anybody else?


    • chico says:

      Universities don’t promote Presidents from within. None of them do it.


      • Trump Sucks says:

        The phrase “Trump Appointee” should immediately disqualify her.

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        • chico says:


          Trump Sucks, let us know when you have a thoughtful contribution.


          • Thoughtful says:

            Chico, let us know when you are ready to respond thoughtfully to the opinion of others.


          • chico says:

            Give me a thoughtful opinion to respond to and I will respond the same.

            My comment above was accurate. Universities don’t hire from within. That doesn’t mean that Wilson is the right hire. It just means that promoting from within the ranks is not the sort of thing that UTEP should do.

            Trump Sucks’ comment is partisan bickering. It’s silly.

            If you really don’t like Wilson, the fairest criticism is to address her limited experience in higher education. She does not have a long track record. I am not going to claim she does.

            Still, I think she’ll be fine. UTEP staff are the ones who are going to be the most challenged. They are used to one way of doing things. Having a new leader means change; most of us tend to resist change.

            “Thoughful,” my guess is that you really struggle with people who disagree with you. This may be a growth opportunity for you. I wish you well.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, let’s discuss that. UTEP is the ultimate safety school—low standards for admissions, low results in degrees awarded compared to admissions. The same leadership for 30 years in an era when there has been significant change is educational delivery methods. And financially the school is not doing well. Promote someone who buys into the current model and will not rock the boat? Bring in someone from academia who may or may not have good ideas for evolving the university into a more results-oriented model? Or, hire someone with experience beyond academia, a broad network and a track record of driving positive change in her previous university leadership role? Take the time to read her resume. We are a poor community. The university should be focused on helping students earn degrees and get jobs. It appears she brought that focus to her last university while also helping them increase research activities. I can understand why those who are comfortable with mediocrity would oppose a potential change agent who would raise the bar.


  2. ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

    This world is stupid. Just look at the some of the topics that we’ve recently heard about: Michael Jackson. “impostor” Melania, flat earth, reptilian shape shifters, but this has got to be hands down, the most outrageous of them all – President Beto. Ooph! l need a break from this lunacy by walking over and treating myself to some dollar store “Doritos.” l think Doritos count as a healthy breakfast. l mean they’re made with vegetable oil and corn, so how bad could they be?


  3. Old Fart says:

    There is nothing wrong with having more discussion on this issue, and this earlier post by John Dugan caught my attention.

    Specifically: “My biggest concern is that this turns into just another example of no one in El Paso being considered up to the job! Whenever an important position opens in this town, a new hire is brought in from out of town, and that adds to the cost, the frustration and unhappiness of existing staff, and leaves us all with that general feeling that we are inadequate. This would have been a perfect time for someone to speak up and demand a promotion from within.”

    So please allow me to post a counter thought. Just look at the independent school district superintendent problems and turn over in the last 20 years. There has been such constant superintendent turn over in El Paso’s independent school districts, to reasonably question if the education field can provide men or women, who are actually capable to managing these large, complex, and very expensive school districts. Bottom line, in the education field I frankly don’t buy this ‘hire locally’ justification.

    It always surprised me how outspoken and vocal UTEP students could be over such things as ASARCO, and raising hell at fast food restaurants over meat products; but failed to raise hell over the constant increases in college tuition.

    How about demanding better public reporting, on actually how much money is in the endowment account of UTEP, or if all the current operating departments are actually needed? Basically, are today’s public universities and colleges really being operated efficiently?

    In addition, since professors are allowed protected ‘free speech’ privileges, and universities are suppose to be places for the free exchange of ideas, is that actually happening today?

    Sorry, but I long ago stopped being ‘starry eyed’ over all the crap put out about higher education.


    • Reality says:

      If you’re not working to pay for your own education, you don’t care how much tuition rises.


    • John Dungan says:

      So, Old Fart, how many of the local ISD’s superintendents over the last twenty years were local products? Do you know? FWIW, my wife is a retired classroom teacher, and I, myself, put in two years as a school nurse, and our kids went to school in one local district, plus we lived in – and voted in – another district. Both of those districts consistently hired from out of town.


      • Old Fart says:

        Well John Dugan: you had the guy from Belair HS who was an interim superintendent at YISD, then there was an education professor at UTEP who also may have been an interim super at YISD.

        At one time much earlier in both EPISD and YISD, you had some superintendents who had been with those districts for a long time, but those times are long gone.

        And as you can see over the years, in El Paso there has been talk of ‘consolidating’ the two largest independent schools districts. In fact believe there was a resident in EPISD who may have actually started, or planed to start a petition. That was at least 10 years ago.

        It would have been dumb for YISD residents to sign such a petition because they would lose their extra home stead exemption. Suspect EPISD residents would demanded it be taken from them.

        After what I’ve seen over many years here in El Paso, I certainly have no confidence in your ‘hire locally’ belief. As a resident, I’m sure not going to vote for another school district disaster.


        • John Dungan says:

          ol phart: My Name is NOT Dugan. Since you feel the need to either slight me by deliberately and consistently misspelling it, I will point out that your examples are ancient history, and worthy of no particular consideration in this discussion. Not only that, but an interim super is not the same as one who is permanent, and long term.


          • Old Fart says:

            Will shit Dungan, sorry for the ‘unintended’ drop of one letter in your last name, which I say again was ‘unattended!’

            As I recall it was Vern Butler who YISD hired as an interim superintendent. Believe the other man was Doctor Brooks, who was professor at UTEP, and who may have taught school management and administration courses there. Think YISD first used him as an advisor to the board, and he may have later filled in as an interim super for a short period of time. In fact I even took one of his UTEP classes.

            One thing I will not apologize for is not believing in all this parochial crap about ‘hiring locally.’ If a candidate is so damn good and ‘competent’ they will surface to the top of any list. In addition, they sure as hell won’t be ‘against competing’ on the ‘open market’ against candidates from outside El Paso.

            From what I’ve observed over the years, qualified El Paso high school students compete very well in getting into big name universities outside El Paso. One year it was big media news when at least five students were offered entry into MIT. In addition, El Paso has a good record of getting qualified students into this Nation’s military academies.

            Unfortunately, a number of the locals I’ve encountered who push this ‘hire local’ theme, want a ‘closed shop’ environment, plus give off the impression they are adverse to any reasonable degree of change.


      • chico says:

        If they hire competence, I don’t care where a superintendent comes from. Competence is the most important factor.

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  4. EPISD Fraud says:

    News reports this week make it clear that both Hatch and EPISD knew all along that he was not a resident of his district. He even re-filed his election application with a different address when told of the problem. A few years ago, a homeless woman in Connecticut being sentenced to 5 years in prison for enrolling her child in a school outside her district. The justice system works in mysterious ways.


    • Dan Wever says:

      I think there are the same problems with residency in the Dist 6 race again but nothing is being done about it. Nobody cares. Ethics are dead in El Paso, it is whatever you can get away with.


  5. Lambs Led to Slaughter says:

    Both EPISD and the City of El Paso have forgotten an important axiom. You can shear a sheep lots of times, but you can only slaughter it once. The insanity, deception, and mismanagement of the Quality of Life Bond and the most recent EPISD bond will result in a major backlash next time either the city or EPISD asks for money.

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