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It’s Saturday, let us know what you are thinking.


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  1. Doppler Strongarm says:

    Weatherman: A job where you can be 100% wrong and still get paid.
    Lawyer: A job where you can lose your case and still get paid.


  2. JerryK says:

    A bird doesn’t get over the NK/SK border without 30,000 American troops permitting it. 60,000 to 70,000 illegals cross our border every day without our permission. Beto and the Dems seem to think it’s a good idea. Does anyone else see the contradictions in this?


    • JerryK says:

      CORRECTION – I meant 60K-70K every month.


    • Korean Vet says:

      Ask the people in both countries (not the politicians) how happy they are to have the most militarized border in the world. Ask the split families. Ask those that have no way to get to a better place for their families based on no choice of their own. Ask them how happy they are to have one of the longest still ongoing (technically) wars in world history.

      Ask the people, if they had a choice, would they want the DMZ or would they not want the DMZ. As a vet that has served several TOD in SK, both with and without my family in tow, I can tell you that no Korean civilian wants the DMZ. The only people that want it are the politicians on both sides, who use it to divide people.

      Is that what you want?

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      • JerryK says:

        We are not being invaded by thousands of NK’s and we are preventing that with thousands of American troops while we genuinely are being invaded by thousands of central Americans.

        That was my point. If it takes a militarized border to save our country from invasion it is worth it. Meanwhile, the politicians sit on their hands.


    • John Dungan says:

      JerryK: Where do you get your numbers? And, do you seriously expect us to believe that the DMZ is so closely guarded as to prevent – if they wanted it – birds from crossing it? Have you ever visited the DMZ? Since when do you think that either Beto or other Democrats think that it is a good idea to have an open border? What part of “have a heart” do you still not get?


      • JerryK says:

        Beto said he would tear down the wall. Pelosi stated she wants all the ilegals naturalized so they can enjoy the full benefits of citizenship (i.e., welfare). The numbers are posted in the local media every month and 66K was the Feb count; 70K+ was Jan.

        The question I have is, What is in it for us? What is in it for me? I know what’s in it for them. Also, I get that the Dems see a permanent welfare class that will vote them in for decades, so power is in it for the Dems. They get to have their plantation society back again after over 150 years.

        Yes, I want a wall and a border that keeps people out until we want them in, which we do but we get to choose who, not them.


        • Fed Up says:

          Ok, Jerry. We get it. You don’t like Beto or Dems. El Paso already has a plantation society run by conservative Republicans, two in particular that like getting tax dollars to subsidize their private businesses.


          • JerryK says:


            I like Beto and 100% of my friends are Dems, but it doesn’t mean that I’m one.




      • Anonymous says:

        John, I have visited the DMZ. We were warned not to smile at any point because NK watches the groups visiting via binoculars from their sentry stations and if an American smiles they file a complaint that we trying to get their troops to defect. As were driving away someone on our bus took a photo (in violation of the instructions we were given in the onsite briefing ). The bus was stopped, the individual who shot the photo was immediately identified by two MPs and the film (this was back in the early 80s was pulled from his camera and confiscated ). If they watched stuff that closely back then with limited tech, I can only imagine that monitoring is significantly better, especially since some drones are made to look like birds. I agree many Koreans would like reunification. That said, the situation we face is totally different. We are an industrialized nation likely to see technological advancement (AI) disrupt large parts of our low skilled labor force in the next two decades. Moving the illiterate slums of Central America at the rate of a 1 million a year just means we are moving in a huge number of folks likely to be permanently unemployed. Who benefits? Cartels and countries who would like to see us weakened so they can grow in power. The caravans are organized according to the head of Guatemalan intelligence, CPB says cartels are involved. Are some politicians looking the other way because they get cartel contributions? Cartels influence elections in Mexico. Why would we think they wouldn’t try the same thing here.


  3. anonymous chico says:

    Check out Tim Holt’s latest diatribe on truth (link above). Put on your boots before reading, it’s big pile of intellectual dung.

    A few reflections:

    1. Tim never has tried to understand the values or perspectives of the individuals who post on this blog. #irony

    2. In fact, he has stereotypes most of us as “grouchy, old men,” with “obvious hypocrisies,”

    3. He himself used an anonymous pseudonym on this blog (Deputy Dog), until he was outed.

    Tim, you said it yourself “criticism is not hate.” When we criticize EPISD, we want it to be better … we don’t hate the district. It’s our kids and grandkids who are paying the price … not your Canutillo neighbors.

    Take some of your own advice, “seek to understand.” You might realize that folks on this blog have thoughtful feedback for your leadership team.

    Truth is, you’re not getting the job done.

    – Closing schools without being present (Mr. Cabrera) to face the upset parents is not a sign of strong leadership.
    – Not attending high school graduations (Mr. Cabrera) is a sign of uncommitted leadership.
    – Investing in football turf at Franklin (which Mr. Hatch wanted) before other bond projects is a sign of confused educational values
    – Mismanaging your board chair’s address is a sign of bureaucratic incompetence, or possibly corruption.
    – Giving out free computers is not an educational strategy (although it is a marketing strategy)
    – Sloppy billboards that are difficult to read are not a marketing strategy.
    – Promising to be present and to confirm successful completion of the bond (Ms, Fenonbock) and then resigning to run for another office is a sign of “obvious hypocrisy.”

    The list could go on.

    The participants on this blog are frustrated and with good reason.


    • John Dungan says:

      I took your advice, and read the op-ed from “The Herald Post.” And, wow, I guess I got a bum link or something. What I read was simply an admonishment to commenters to take the time to think before they react. An urging to maybe do some research, and – most important – a suggestion that we take the time to read something and think about it and absorb it before thinking about what we want to say in response. What’s so bad about that?


  4. Dan Wever says:

    Trent Hatch was found to be an illegal trustee on the EPISD board of trustees due to his not being eligible to hold the office because of residency problems. He was illegal for almost 4 years.
    It is not really too hard to figure out how this could have happened as if you look at how the election is set up the EPISD is in charge. The law says that a candidate has to live continuously for 6 months in the district they are running for a seat.
    There is again a question this May 4 election. Do you think the EPISD will investigate? Nope, they take the candidate’s word as truth, just like they did with Hatch.
    Freddie Khlayel-Avalos put down two address on his application to run. One is a home he owns that is in District 6 and his parents home is in District 6. His voter election address is still at his parents home.
    He is the landlord of an apartment complex at the other address he put on his application. Last night on Facebook a close friend of his admitted that he lived with his “partner-wife” and her two boys at the apartment complex that they run as business partners. Of course, all of the incriminating posts were removed as soon as someone figured out what it really said because the address they live at is in District 7 and would make him ineligible to run for District 6.
    But, nobody will look or check and the reason is probably if he is elected and somebody does complain like the Teachers Federation President did with Trent Hatch then he would just have to resign and the Superintendent and Board of Trustees would appoint another Cabreraite rubber stamp, so they cannot lose.


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