EPISD–“Partnership Charters”

EPISD is having a special board of trustees meeting Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at noon.  Having the meetings at noon makes it very difficult for a working parent or teacher to attend the meeting.

The number one item on the agenda:

Discuss and Take Appropriate Action on Board Policy ELA (Local): Campus or Program Charters, Partnership Charters
(To adopt Board Policy ELA [Local] to allow the District to authorize partnerships with eligible entities/organizations to provide innovative schooling options for students)

Some of our readers can probably predict what they are up to.

We deserve better


12 Responses to EPISD–“Partnership Charters”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just one big corrupt, hidden, secret empire. No better than Lorenzo Garcia era, probably worse. The FBI needs to come in clean house AGAIN, “Perp walk” another dozen people or more. The local “Authorities” never investigate anything. Don’t see nuthin, don’t hear nuthin, don’t know nuthin, don’t even suspect nuthin. Same for City Council, Mayor, Commissioners. The “Society of corruption”. None of THEM work FOR the PEOPLE. THEY are in bizness to take as much as THEY can from US.


  2. The Wizard says:

    What are they up to? I support Charter Schools.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Probably the one thing that you could look at and say that it had the greatest edict that made this country great was and is public education. Besides the roads and infrastructure in this great, the other things that tax dollars are spent on are Police, Fire Protection and Public Education.
      If you do not think that fire and police protection are adequate should you be able to go to city hall and get money for a smoke alarm system for your house and a fire engine parked outside plus guns and a personal bodyguard to protect you?
      Of course not! Then why do people think it is OK to take the same tax system money from public education funds?

      I also support Charter schools and parents should be able to choose where their children go to school they should however not be able to use public funds for their private desires.
      If VW bugs are free but you want a Mercedes then you should have to pay for it as that is your choice.


      • The Wizard says:

        I’m thankful for our police and fire; in my judgement they do a good job. Local education systems…ah, less so. I’m not arguing a metaphysical or universal reality about the value of education or its delivery. Only the most ignorant would argue against a solid basic education (by this I mean math, art, science, skills training, languages, and not any college major ending in the word ‘studies’). I’m focused on El Paso and what I consider, by first hand account and testimony of others, a hobbled EPISD.

        Your hyperbole about a personal fire truck is just silly. I’m not asking for public money, AKA my tax dollars, for my private (personal) use. I think some competition in the education sector with my tax money would do all of us some good. Regional competition among ISDs is emerging, yet weak. Most residents have only a single viable vendor of teaching.

        There seems to be a difference between public financing of something (education, medicine, I-10 construction; fire, police) and implementation of that something. Sometimes, although seldom, it makes sense for government to finance AND operate; sometimes it makes sense to allow free or more free markets to operate with public funds, although I admit private enterprise is imperfect as well.

        I’m also not asking for a free Mercedes (more silliness). I’m asking for a functional education system for all children. Call that a free VW if you like.

        I happen to think that competition for our education funding would do the children and our future well.


        • Dan Wever says:

          If you think that you can have equal competition then you just do not understand education.
          If you think that for-profit charters will educate the children to the best of their ability then you do not understand competition and the bottom line dollar phenomena


        • Dan Wever says:

          Your statement “I’m not asking for public money, AKA my tax dollars, for my private (personal) use.” is just plain silly. Who gets to control where their tax dollars are spent? And you are asking for public money as your tax dollars have already been assigned to people to be spent. You just have to lobby them to get some of it coming back your way if they chose.


  3. Anonymous says:

    One big money player who wants more charter schools has given them their marching orders.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please enlighten me on what they think their plan or intention is regarding this issue.


    • Anonymouse says:

      One of the two big money players in town wants more charter schools. Cabrera wants to be part of the club. EPISD board has its marching orders.


    • Dan Wever says:

      There is a war in progress and it has been being waged for about 15 or 20 years.
      It is called Education Reform vs Public Education.
      The Education Reform people believe that competition and privatization are the answer to any educational problems. with the ultimate goal of destroying or at least degrading public education enough so only the poor people can attend. They have the support of most big money foundations. I do not understand why when people get a lot of money they think they know everything about education.


  5. Jaime Escuelante says:

    Out of curiosity, do the other districts in El Paso County have daytime board meetings or is that an EPISD thing?


    • Anonymous says:

      It saves them time. Don’t have to figure out lies, deception. Like the Mayor, City Council. They have “Secret” meetings in motels. Hide, lie, deceive. Just El Taxo, politicians, Public Officials. That’s what, who they are.


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