Name that school

EPISD is taking school name nominations for the new northeast middle school.

From their web site:

Applications will be accepted from to March 28 to April 18. Applicants must use the school name nomination form and submit it via email to with the subject line “Nomination for New Northeast Middle School.” Additional documentation may be submitted along with the form.

Be certain to spell each word in the subject line correctly.  Capitalization is evidently important too.

The form is available here 

I was thinking of Deferred Maintenance as the name.

We deserve better



6 Responses to Name that school

  1. John Dungan says:

    Good name choice. School yell: “We want repairs! When do we want them? Later on is good!”


  2. Anonymous says:


    Deferred Maintenance



  3. ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

    5) Elementary with Puberty
    4) Better than a Babysitter
    3) Literacy Be Cool
    2) A STAAR is Born
    1) Hey, at least we ain’t Socorro !


  4. jc says:

    Juan Cabrera Middle School


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