Used schools for sale

When writing Not in my backyard I was hoping to stimulate some conversation about what options the feral government should consider relative to temporarily housing the migrants while they are being processed.

We did get a few ideas.

Let me try again by suggesting that they should look at some of the schools that we are closing.

  • They have a lot of bathrooms
  • They have a kitchen and a dining room
  • They have parking lots
  • They have playgrounds
  • They have classrooms for teaching

Showers would have to be added but in the meantime they could rent trailers like this:


The rental or purchase money would help the local taxpayers.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Used schools for sale

  1. Anonima says:

    Suggest this to Escobar’s office!


  2. Cheers says:

    Excellent idea!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Even if the feds lease those properties for a couple of years, EPISD can sure use the rental income. That said, EPISD will just waste any income.


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