EPISD–election concerns

Unfortunately it does not look like the situation with the EPISD board of trustees is getting any better.

In the election for the district 7 representative we are now hearing that she may have been misstating her credentials.

Proving what she claims (10 years of teaching experience at EPISD and a degree from UTEP) should not be difficult but at the time this post was written she has failed to do so.

Particularly troubling is that she was not elected to her current position on the board but instead was chosen by the current board to fill a vacancy.  We would have thought that the board would conduct a background check before they chose her.

In the district 6 race we have a candidate that might in fact reside in district 7.  Once again the issue should be pretty easy to resolve but we have heard nothing.

We deserve better


10 Responses to EPISD–election concerns

  1. Mike Schwartz says:

    And I don’t mean this insultingly, but what dd everyone expect? EPISD has proven itself to be the most corrupt, dishonest, district in Texas. They will go to great lengths to keep the status quo, so they can feed lucrative contracts to friends and family. Mickey Loweree lying about her background was known when she was appointed, blessed by Dee Margo, and annointed by Juan Cabrera. Juan wants a complicit Board. TEA has done thir “Pontius Pilate” routine of washing their hands of the whole thing because they cannot control EPISD, who continues to undereducate students, overpay administrators, and blame all the ills of El Paso non-education on teachers trying to do what hey were trained to do-teach. Unless the citizens rise up and throw them out (not likely given the new influx of 70,000 new “citizens), EPISD will operate as it has for the last 30 years.


  2. Dan Wever says:

    Agree with most of what Mike says except, and am surprised he did
    not realize that TEA was in fact, feeding the EPISD Federal money (Betsy De vos) is given to the TEA and TEA gives it out to districts as grants as long as districts comply with their “Charter” school
    qualifications, many times selecting the Charter Partner the EPISD is required to work for or with.

    The school board election is funny as the EPISD gets to control which precincts are used to vote, where the early voting stations are and where the mobile voting boxes will be taken. They also require students to prove they live in the district when registering for school but when it comes time to verify where Trustee Candidates live in order to be eligible to run they come up with the famous EPISD saying “It’s no my job” and we have another Trent Hatch problem on our hands.


    • Mike Schwartz says:

      Dan, am aware EPISD is channeling Charter money, but in this case, this is an election of folks. TEA will give any district the funds they qualify for. Just aren’t that many n TEA that care anymore either. But it appears to me they have written El Paso off.


      • Dan Wwever says:

        Sorry Mike, but when I think about EPISD I cannot limit myself to a single woman who might have overstated her Vit and people what to crucify her. Funny that a man who could possibly not even be qualified to run and nobody says anything. Kind of sexist isn’t it! 🙂


        • Mike Schwartz says:

          I’ll let Frances tell you when you’re sexist!. Even though I worked in EPISD, I’m glad I don’t live in it. SISD is…..interesting but not yet as convoluted. And I agree on EPISD. Overstating/lying about quals pretty much is one of their trademarks. “District of Innovation:. Indeed. District of Equivocation is more fitting.


    • Dan Wever says:

      The campaign donation records are now available and Freddy of District 6 is using his parent’s address which is in District 6. I hope he understands he must live in district 6 for 4 years.


  3. Anonymous says:

    A couple of things bother me about this situation in EPISD. The biggest thing is that the EPISD website still shows Loweree’s biography that is looking more and more like a blatant lie (a.k.a. a con-job on you and me). It is doubtful that she wrote her little bio, more than likely the PR people in the district (Community Engagement) wrote it for her (so they conspired with her in full knowledge of the truth). There is simply no way that EPISD didn’t know if she was employed or not with them for 10 years. Remember, they picked her, she didn’t run for this position. Mr. Cabrera, take down the lie from your webpage.

    What else bothers me is simply the fact that she lied to her constituents. Luckily the remedy for this is very simple. Vote her out!


    • Anonymous says:

      That is a very important point in this case; Loweree wasn’t elected, she was sought out by EPISD and asked to join the TEAM. She didn’t need teaching experience or a college degree for the job, so why would they embellish her record? Probably because they knew EPISD voters are pathetic and it looks like they made a “good choice” when you read her fabricated biography. J.C. probably wanted someone he could easily control. I think, just like Hatch, they knew about the lies they hid the whole time they served but just hoped it wouldn’t come out. Well, it did. Maybe EPISD voters are pathetic, but I’m glad Ross and the Times are keeping an eye on things. Now it’s just up to the voters to do the right thing. If Loweree is re-elected this whole story becomes a non-issue. Let’s see if the Cabrera machine can pull this off.


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