EPISD situation

A loyal reader with sent this in:

EPISD has decided on a course of action this year for the high schools that is bound to have an impact.  In past years, high school students during final exams (EOC finals) have been able to come in, review, and then leave if they were exempt from the exam (90 or better). If they had to take the final, they could leave as soon as they finished. Leave as in leave school. EPISD decided to keep all students in their classes this year, but not tell them that the finals process and procedures had changed until the day of the finals.  Keeping this info from students is really dumb, but keeping it from parents is inexcusable.  And making a change this late just confirms they are a district without a plan.


While not earth shattering it does seem strange that they would do this at the last minute.

Many of the EPISD employees have told me stories recently about EPISD officials that are dictatorial and turn vengeful when confronted.

We deserve better


4 Responses to EPISD situation

  1. Anonymous says:

    schools can get away with not actually teaching kids what they need to know to live and function in adult society, but you draw the line at not telling people when kids can leave during testing.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Parents turn out in droves for high school sports and extra-curricular activities, but they don’t care enough about education to organize a major protest against EPISD.


  3. Raelene Staley says:

    No words for such idiotic decisions.


  4. chico says:

    I have similar comments about retaliation against anyone who dares to oppose the central office.

    I will be voting on Saturday, but don’t think we have any candidates who will push for change.


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